zoo-toddler-themeOverview: We took a trip to the zoo and spent a few weeks learning all about the animals we saw.

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Let me tell you! This was one of the best themes we have done so far in our Tot School. Sicily has been obsessed with elephants and lions lately, so I thought we would head to the zoo.

We were a bit disappointed that the zoo we went to didn’t have elephants or lions. Sicily spent the whole day yelling “Lion! Lion! Where are you?”

Even though we didn’t see the elephant or lion, we still have a lot of fun.

Zoo Toddler Theme

We started the week with a zoo small world. I used Lincoln Logs to set up the cages, and even added a few smaller worlds inside the zoo world. She spent a lot of time exploring this small world during our theme.

Most of the animals didn’t stay in their habitats though. She ended up just lining the animals up in a long line and walking them across the room. My hope was for her to discover habitats for us to explore more deeply, but she wasn’t interested.


On the second day of our zoo toddler theme, we actually went to the zoo. There are 3 zoos near us. We decided to go to the smaller one, but was a bit disappointed that the typical zoo animals were not there. But we were thrilled to see some unusual animals like the sun bear, black swans, and a bunch of tortoises.

This zoo has a safari ride, so we got up close and personal with some of the animals. Check out that tongue on the bison!

The day after the zoo trip we talked about what a zookeeper does. We read Goodnight Gorilla, fed a bear, pretended to be a vet, and gave the animals in our small world a bath.


We did a few literacy activities during our zoo toddler theme. Every morning during our meeting time, we matched animals to boost vocabulary and matching skills.

Sicily really enjoyed our 5 Little Monkeys felt board pieces. We also talked about the letter Z. We used our Z sound tub pieces and matched them to the letter Z words from The Toddler Experience Curriculum. Sicily also used zoo animals in brown paint which we pretended was mud to paint the letter Z.

For math we counted animals crackers. This was a hard one because she just wanted to eat the crackers. Food activities don’t always go as planned in our Tot School.


On the last day, we used snakes from our Snake Toob and yarn to paint.


We had a lot of fun with our Zoo toddler theme from The Toddler Experience Curriculum. To download a free sample of the curriculum, click the image below.

Happy Learning!