Winter Toddler ThemeOverview: Winter is one of my favorite themes to teach. There is so many branches this theme could take. See what we learned about during our winter toddler theme.

Winter. I have a love/hate relationship with this season. I love teaching a winter theme. There is so much to do with snow, snowmen, and mittens. You can even dig deeper into polar animals, ice, hibernation. At the same time, I dislike this season very much because I can’t stand being cold and the hubby is gone way too much to plow snow.

But we plowed through our winter toddler theme and had a lot of fun in the process. For our theme, we focused on snow, snowmen, and mittens. I also did a small introduction to the letter S for snow. I like to start with letters that are relevant to a child, so we started with S since it is Sicily’s name and she already knows this letter from our everyday interactions.

Winter Toddler Theme Activities

These were our top 5 favorite activities from the past 2 weeks.

snowman-invitation-winter-themeThis was one of the first ever invitations to create I’ve done with Sicily that I had an end goal in mind. I wanted her to create a snowman, but I also wanted to keep the activity process based.

We read a book about snowmen and talked about how to make one. I made one with her, so she could use mine as inspiration. The rest was up to Sicily. She really enjoyed this activity and ended up making two different snowmen.


This is what her first snowman looked like. She still hasn’t grasped the concept of glue yet. I think because I used purple glue she thinks it’s a crayon. Next time I’m going to get white glue and see if that makes a difference.

counting-snowballs-winter-themeOur second favorite winter toddler theme activity was a tot tray for counting snowballs. We used cotton balls as our snowballs and the number cards from The Toddler Experience Curriculum.

fake-snow-winter-toddler-themeThis sensory bin was a huge hit this week. We made some fake snow with baking soda and white hair conditioner. I love how it sticks together just like snow, but it’s not cold and wet. I do have to mention that if we had real snow, I would have used that during this activity. But we have been getting mostly freezing rain this year, so fake snow it is.

mitten-painting-winter-toddler-themeWe ended the week talking about mittens and how they keep our hands warm. Sicily painted her own mittens with two different shades of pink, at her request. We also spent some time reading a book about mittens and matching mittens.

letter-s-snow-winter-themeSicily knows a lot of her letters from everyday interactions with letters, but this week we started with more formal lessons on letters since she has been super interested in learning every letter she sees along with the sound. I started with the letter S since that’s what her name starts with. This is why we did S is for snow instead of W is for winter to go along with our theme.

Sicily painted an S with white paint to make it look like snow, and I’ll be adding this S to our wall.

This is just an overview of what we did during this two week winter toddler theme. The Toddler Experience Curriculum provides you with tot trays, toddler theme activities, letter activities, STEAM activities, literacy connections, shape activities, and color activities for every theme. Not to mention a book list, YouTube videos, and songs too!

Happy Playing!