vertical-paintingPainting is fun, but when you can take painting the the next level, it’s even more fun!

We take painting outside all the time. Sometimes we paint the house with water or paint a mirror laying on the ground watching the clouds. But our favorite outside painting activity is vertical painting.

All you do is tape a huge piece of easel paper up on a hard surface. We use the lattice of our deck. Then hand your kiddo some paint. Sicily loves using roller brushes to start, but almost always ends up using her hands.

The first time we did this, Sicily was about 19 months. The paint brush lasted all of about 2 minutes before she started using her hands. Once she realized that painting with her hands was fun, she went back to the paint brush to start painting her entire body.


For a kid who hates messes, I was quite impressed with her little en devour.

This past summer, we brought out this activity again. This time I gave her the choice between a roller brush and a regular paint brush. She chose the roller bush, but again it only lasted a few minutes. She went right to using her hands again. This year she didn’t paint herself, but she loved making hand prints all over the paper.


Not only is vertical painting fun, it’s a great learning experience too. Of course painting always broadens creativity and imagination. But vertical painting helps work on crossing the mid line, hand dominance, good posture, and hand-eye coordination. Working on a vertical surface is much more challenging than at the table. It works a lot of muscles that don’t usually get much attention.

Happy Playing!