Overview: Toddlers? Painting? Are you serious? Isn’t that messy? Yes it is! Here’s how our first toddler painting experience went.

Painting…full of messy goodness. Sicily on the other hand had a different opinion. When she was 3 months old, we did our first “painting” experience. As a new mom, I was afraid to let Sicily touch the paint at such a young age, so we finger painted in a bag. She looked at me with those wide eyes like I had 3 heads. Sicily is not easily amused.


Fast forward 13 months, and Sicily is now 16 months. I decided to try painting again, but this time with all the messy goodness. We made edible paint using this recipe. It was simple to make, and it easily washed up too. I placed the paints in a muffin tin and sat it on the table with paint brushes and paper.

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Not doing more painting activities sooner is one of my biggest regrets with Sicily. She was not thrilled with this painting experience either. I showed her how to paint a few lines on her paper, but she refused.


She took the paint brush and painted a few rocks. Then that was it. She walked away, never to return to this activity again. I need to start offering her painting experiences more often and hope one day she will learn to love it…mess and all!


At the time, I had another little boy that I was watching. He, on the other hand, LOVED the painting activity. He made a huge mess. This is what the muffin tin looked like after he was finished.


Happy Painting!

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