Identifying Your Toddler's Interests Mini Course

I see you Mama! You want to follow your toddler's lead and teach him the things he is truly interested in.

You have a good idea of the things she is interested in, but have no idea the specifics on what she wants to learn.

It's tough because toddlers are just learning how to communicate. They're not bugging you with a million questions...yet.

That's where the Identifying Toddler's Interests Challenge comes in! 

Here's what you'll learn In this free 7 day course:

  • What is Child-Led Learning?
  • Why is following a child's interests important?
  • How do I identify my toddler's interests?
  • How do I assess these interests to see if they will stick?
  • How do I use these interests to plan activities?
  • How do I set up invitations to help them learn about their interests?
  • How do I set goals and meet academic needs while following interests?

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