Overview: These are my favorite toddler halloween books to read with my littles.

I love Halloween! My favorite part is handing out the candy (what I don’t eat) and seeing all the neighborhood kids dressed up! We get a lot of trick or treaters where I live, which is a big difference from the house I grew up in where we got zero. Growing up my trick or treating consisted of driving to close relatives houses…not fun!

We started our Halloween Toddler Theme this week, and I wanted to take some time to share with you the toddler Halloween books we are reading.

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toddler halloween books

Five Spooky Ghosts Playing Tricks at School by Steve Metzger is a cute rendition of Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the bed. Instead of monkeys falling off the bed and mama calling the doctor, these ghosts are playing tricks at school and the teacher has to call their parents.


Ten Flying Brooms by Ilanit Oliver is a cute story about 10 brooms flying alone and need to find their pair. Can all the witches find their broom in time for Halloween?

Clifford’s Hallween by Norman Bridwell is about Clifford’s Halloween as a ghost. But what will Clifford be this year?

In Llama Llama Trick or Treat by Anna Dewdney find out what fun things Llama gets into on this Halloween.

toddler halloween booksIn Trick or Treat, Pout-Pout Fish by Deborah Diesen, take a trip around the sea to find out who is dressed up in an adventure with Pout Pout Fish.

toddler halloween books

The monkeys in Five Little Monkeys Trick or Treat by Eileen Christelow are playing a trick on their babysitter, but they almost miss out on a special Halloween treat.

toddler halloween booksThe Three Bears Halloween by Kathy Duval is a great twist to the original story. In this book, the bears are the ones who stumble upon a house and enter it. But whose house did they just enter into?

toddler halloween books

Sicily loves Goodnight Moon, which she calls the mush book, so when I saw Goodnight Goon, I just had to buy it. Sicily loves this rendition just as much as the original.

toddler halloween booksSicily loves getting up and dancing to If Your Spooky and You Know It by Aly Fronis.

Have a safe and happy Halloween!