toddler-gift-ideasDay 3 of the 12 Days of Christmas Series brings us a Toddler Gift List. Enjoy!

When someone mentions Christmas, I don’t think about presents, or Santa, or snow. An instant anxiety of who is coming to visit and for how long sets in. I start immediately planning a. an escape, b. sleeping arrangements, and c. wine intake.

Once that is settled, the brainstorming and researching for the most perfect wish list for the kids gets started. Not only do I spend an ungodly amount of time researching products and reading Amazon reviews, but I list and link everything. God forbid my Mother in Law buys just ANY play kitchen and not the one he (read: I) wanted! Today I’m sharing my toddler’s dream, but reasonable, Christmas Wish List!

Kitchen Helper Stand

untitled-design9Loving this one from because of the fun shape cutouts AND the back rail! As great as toddlers are at balancing and not stepping backwards without looking, better safe than sorry 😉 (Bonus: you don’t have to build it yourself! cough cough :IKEA:)

Step Stools for Bathroom

untitled-design10Maybe I should’ve jumped on this a few months ago but, that’s what Christmas is for, right? Better to stand on a stool for teeth brushing and hand washing now. It will look a little funny if you’re still climbing on the counter in 10 years to do it!

I also cannot deny my love for PBK!

Activity Table

untitled-design11I’ll spare you another PBK plug and give you a tried and true mama favorite – Amazon AND Melissa & Doug. Double win. Such a perfect table for our upstairs foyer and keeps toys off the ground!

Train and Hot Wheels

untitled-design12Not just for boys either! These magnet trains, and generally anything of easy to handle size, are always a winner for my toddler.

Tool Set

untitled-design13Because daddy’s drill isn’t the best play toy, although we HAVE tried (mom fail). Do we know this from experience?? Maybe.

Play Kitchen

I have yet to find the most perfect play kitchen – but no fear, I am on a hunt and am happy to share my extensive research and playroom-coordinating findings once it has been discovered.

Table and Chairs

Lots of choices and variety here so take your pick. My preference is the darker colored tables (for when the crayons jump off the paper!). Sidenote: check out IKEA hacks to really get your creative juices flowing.

Basketball Hoop

untitled-design14Let’s focus all that throwing into a basketball hoop ya little athlete!

Freshly Picked Mocs

untitled-design15Soooo perfect for any gender and any weather!

There are tons of choices for the princesses and princes, but my little man would surely win the cool award with these wolf pack ones! (I hope the grandmas read this!)

Melissa & Doug Puzzle Organizer

untitled-design16We KNOW we don’t need any more puzzles but, for the far distant $30 gift max. aunt who just HAS to buy something, this will get more use out of it than the rest of the list, even if it’s not the FUN toy 😉

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