Now you can teach your toddler with confidence…

…and have FUN doing it!

No idea where to start?

Not sure what to teach or how to teach it … what’s right for your toddler?

Frustrated by boring toddler curriculums that don’t fit your toddler?

Tired of spending hours sifting through Pinterest and Google to find developmentally appropriate educational activities?

Down on yourself because you got everything planned but can’t seem to get started?

You are NOT alone:

You might be like Tatjana, frozen by possibilities:

“I was having trouble initiating and finding the motivation to do some activities. I felt like I had to start completely from scratch and make everything perfect.

Or maybe you’re a Lacie whose search didn’t lead her to a program she really wanted for her son:

“I’ve seen a lot of curriculums out there, and most of them seemed too concept-based instead of experience based. My son is a very physical boy, so he doesn’t sit well.”

Or an Anjuli, who found it challenging to find just-right activities for her little:

“I was having a hard time coming up with activities that were age-appropriate for my toddler. I thought that I should be able to work out a plan by myself, but didn’t know where to start.”

You desperately want to teach your toddler.But why is it so overwhelming? So time-consuming?

If your little has behavioral challenges, you can provide more consistency and follow-through to support your child.

How do I TEACH? What activities should I use? Will my kid like it?

Can moms really teach their toddlers?Yes. And there is a simple way to do it.

You can teach your toddler without spending endless hours searching online for just the right activities.

You can teach your toddler without dry, boring premade programs.

You can teach your toddler in a way that’s fun for both of you.

You just need a done-for-you curriculum that is:


Organized enough for you to follow, yet flexible enough so you can follow your child’s lead.

Process- and exploration-based.

Theme-based with literacy, math, science, arts, and technology interconnected.

Research-based, Mom-tested, Toddler-approved.

Designed by a certified teacher actively teacher her own toddler at home.

Because when you have a done-for-you curriculum with these high standards and must-haves ….

You’ll be empowered to teach your toddler in a meaningful, effective, and fun way!

No more confusion about what to do, when to do it, or how to do it.

No more guesswork, no more wondering who to trust, or where to go for help.

Instead, you have a complete curriculum with specific guidelines and activities all prepared for you to quickly implement based on your child’s interest, developed by a compassionate toddler mom and highly trained professional.

Did a wave of relief wash through you?

Finally! A plan to follow that gives you the structure you need and the flexibility your child needs.


The Toddler Experience

The child-led homeschool curriculum for moms who want to make sure they are helping their toddlers learn while honoring their playful, inquisitive toddler ways.

More laid-back, The Young Toddler eases your child into Tot School. This means you can take your time learning about their interests, how they learn, and develop your own routine around their natural flow.

Each letter theme includes 4 tot trays, 6 theme activities, 2 sensory bins, a book list, songs/fingerplays, 2 letter activities, 2 shape activities, 2 color activities, a literacy connection, and 2 STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) connections.

If your toddler develops a new interest, send me an email and I’ll create a relevant theme for you at no extra cost.

So if your child loves pirates the same way my daughter loves farm animals, just let me know and you’ll get a new theme that will delight your toddler.

Special theme activities that includes gross motor play, and many activities to choose from to support your toddler’s interests and learning needs.

Develop a love of learning and reading.

You’ll know just what to do because you’ll have a clear, concise, easy-to-implement plan to teach your toddler!

“The Toddler Experience Curriculum took out the hard work of planning.

I was having a hard time coming up with activities that were age-appropriate for my toddler. I thought I should be able to work out a plan by myself, but didn’t know where to start. The Toddler Experience Curriculum took out the hard work of planning activities by myself. It gave me more time to play with my child instead of spending a lot of time searching on Pinterest. The curriculum [encouraged] me to do activities with my son, like fine motor activities, that I didn’t even think he would be able to do. -Anjuli, from England

I’ve helped hundreds of mamas learn how to teach their little ones..

Hey Beautiful Mama! I’m Amanda, and I’m the founder of Sicily’s Heart and Home where I teach mamas just like you how to teach your toddlers and preschoolers at home. Before becoming a stay at home mom, I was a teacher. I have a BS in Elementary Education and AA in Early Childhood Education. Most of my teaching career was in preschools and head start programs. I adore teaching toddlers.

I decided to leave public school teaching to homeschool my own children. I designed this curriculum because I couldn’t find a child-led curriculum that was flexible enough to meet my Sicily’s unique needs and interests.

I love using my teaching knowledge to help other parents who know child-led is the right approach for their child, but aren’t quite sure how to go about it.

With The Toddler Experience Curriculum, I’ve designed a curriculum that allows for you to nurture your child’s unique interests. This is not a one-and-done “book.” I continually add new themes, at no extra cost, and love to get requests from moms for themes they want for their child. I love what I do and I’m so excited to help you and your toddler have a fantastic homeschool experience.

The Toddler Experience Curriculum…

…A full curriculum for toddlers ages 18 months through 2 years old.






The Toddler Experience Curriculum$125

Enroll Now

You may be wondering …

Do I need to follow the curriculum exactly?

No. I provide resources in the curriculum to help you identify your toddler’s interests and choose a theme that best suits his or her interests. It’s a very flexible curriculum. The flow depends on your child. If interested, there are enough activities to keep going into a third week. But if it turns out your toddler isn’t really interested in that topic, you’re encouraged to stop and move onto a new theme. There are over 50 themes right now and more are added every month..

Are there assessments included?

No, not in the sense you are asking about. The goal of the curriculum is to expose toddlers to academic concepts and build a lifelong love of learning. Toddlers are not expected to remember the academic skills at this point. It’s about exposure, not formal lessons with worksheets and rote memorization. However, there is a quick checklist of skills for each activity and an overall skills list included in the getting started guide.

Can I REALLY teach my toddler, even though I’m not trained?

Yes. Research shows it is your dedication and effort, not special training, that lead to outstanding homeschooling results. And with The Toddler Experience Curriculum you’ll have the best of both – a curriculum designed by a certified teacher dedicated to homeschooling her own toddler.

Will I really have time to implement the curriculum?

In short, yes.

I get it …

You’re a super busy toddler mom with 18,981 things to do on your plate (and maybe even just for this one day alone!). I’ve laid out all the steps in crystal clear fashion so that you don’t have to worry about anything. It only takes me about 10-15 minutes every night to get set up. I even get laundry and cleaning done during the day since most of the activities are child-led.

What age is the curriculum for? Will my 4 year old be able to use it?

The curriculum was designed and is developmentally appropriate for ages 18 months through 2 years old. But yes, a 3 and 4 year old can benefit from the curriculum as well.

The curriculum is extremely adaptable. You just need to up the challenge a bit. For example, if you are doing one of the counting activities, your toddler might only be counting to 5 whereas your 4 year old could be going to 50.

Are all the materials included?

All the printable materials are included. Any learning cards, counting mats, clipart, and printables (which are very few) you need are provided. However, the other materials you will need are typically found around the house.

What themes are included?

There are over 50 themes included, and more are added every month. There are too many to list on this page, but if you would like to see which themes are already in the curriculum, send me a quick email and I’ll get you the list.

“His love of creative projects has been fostered. I am able to pick up on what he enjoys or doesn’t more easily.

I was hesitant before purchasing The Toddler Experience. I just didn’t know where to start and wasn’t sure if I could commit to doing a curriculum. I loved Amanda’s e-mails and found her to be knowledgeable and approachable, so I took the plunge. It’s nice to have specific activities I can pull out each day before we play. I love watching my son go about his day and then go back and forth to the activities. His love of creative projects has been fostered. I am able to pick up on what he enjoys or doesn’t more readily. The Toddler Experience can work for any child in many different situations.Halie from Utah                 

“Amanda’s program incorporates learning through experiences and doing, rather than a traditional sedentary approach to learning.

Before purchasing The Toddler Experience, I had trouble knowing what was age appropriate for my son. I struggled with knowing what kinds of things to do and how to do them. When I came across Amanda’s curriculum, I wasn’t sure it I’d like it. I’ve seen a lot of curriculums out there, and most of them seemed too concept based instead of experience based. I chose The Toddler Experience specifically because my son is a very physical boy, so he doesn’t sit well. Amanda’s program incorporates learning through experience and doing rather than a traditional sedentary approach to learning.Lacie Colorado                 

Save endless hours searching for the how and the what to homeschool your toddler.

No more wandering through Pinterest (while ignoring your little one!) … no more cobbling activities together hoping you’re covering everything, no more conflicting advice, no more wondering what’s developmentally aligned with your toddler…

Schooling your child at home should be stress-free. Your time is better spent with your child in meaningful experiences. I’ve designed a curriculum that provides those experiences and frees up your time so you can enjoy the learning process.

The Toddler Experience Curriculum is just $125…

…and you can start as soon as you want to.

Whether you’re in full toddler swing now, or still in the baby stage, it’s never too early to get ready to teach your little one.

The Toddler Experience Curriculum$125

Enroll Now

And to welcome you into our Toddler Experience Curriculum community, I’m giving you these bonuses, completely free, for a limited time only

Bonus 1: Encouraging Environments Mini Course (value $35)

Teaches you how to set up an environment that encourages learning without formally teaching and how to incorporate learning in everyday experiences.

Bonus 2: Learning in the Early Years Mini Course (value $35)

Shows you the natural progression of basic skills and how to look for signs of readiness.

Bonus 3: Morning Routine Plan (value $15)

A morning routine plan and calendar pieces to start your school morning with a fun & predictable way.

Bonus 5: Planning Checklist (value $10)

To help parents ensure they are including all important components in their weekly plans.

Bonus 6: Toddler Quick Play Prompts (value $10)

10 cards to keep in your back pocket with quick learning games for on the go.

The Toddler Experience Curriculum

plus over $100 in bonuses

all yours for just $125.

But ONLY for a limited time.

Because then the bonuses disappear.



“It’s incredibly well-developed

I appreciate Amanda and The Toddler Experience because it is the only curriculum I could find meant for toddlers to be used by a parent at home rather than in a childcare setting. It’s incredibly well developed and has so much to choose from that one can easily find something that will appeal to their individual toddler’s interests and abilities. I love that a million ideas that I could have spent hours rounding up online and then spent additional hours figuring out the best way to implement them, are already here and organized for me, which is just what this busy mama needed.

Jessica Texas                 

“It’s just so much easier“

I love how flexible the curriculum is. I can follow it as rigidly or as loosely as I feel. Now my son recognizes a routine and keeps me on track! It’s just so much easier to have the ideas and just quickly gather the materials. I also love how new themes are added every month. It’s like a membership without the constant cost.

Tatjana Utah                 

​Think about how nice it’ll be to look back and say, “I’m SO GLAD I homeschooled my toddler… those years went by so fast and I’m so lucky I could share this with my child!”

The Toddler Experience Curriculum…

…because your toddler deserves this gift and so do you.

Even if you don’t feel like you’re a natural teacher…

           Even if you’ve tried homeschooling before…

                     Even if you’ve met with naysayers …

You CAN do this and The Toddler Experience Curriculum gives you everything you need, including my support, as well as the support of other moms in our private FB community, I’ve helped so many moms out there have a fun, positive, ah-MAZE-ing experience homeschooling their toddlers.

There’s absolutely no reason you can’t join us in this loving and incredible experience.

I hate that you’ve experienced overwhelm or frustration when all you’ve wanted to do is do right by your child … to grow that love of learning in a play-oriented way that delights your toddler. That can all change right now.

“I love watching him learn and get better at activities!”

I love the flexibility of it. I go through each week and pick the activities we’re going to do when and can adjust things based on my son’s abilities or interests. The tot school has been wonderful to expand my son’s skills, and I love watching him learn and get better at the activities!

Kelly Indiana

The Toddler Experience Curriculum


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