The Toddler Experience

A child-led Tot School curriculum designed by a teacher

Are you looking for a curriculum that:

-Is simple to prepare with everyday, easy to find materials?

-Is developmentally appropriate for ages 18 months to 3 years old?​

-Is interest based and child-led?

-Includes ALL hands-on, process based activities?

If you answered yes to these questions, then The Toddler Experience Curriculum is for you and your child!

-Activities and projects with easy to find materials

-24- hour online access through Sicily's Heart & Home that you can print

-Choose the themes based on your toddler's interests

-5 one month themes for colors and shapes suitable for ages 18 months to 22 months

-26 two week themes for each letter of the alphabet for 2 year olds

-Unlimited new themes are added on a regular basis

-All the activities are hands on, process based, and child-led.

-No toddler worksheets or workbooks

It's proven that toddlers learn best through hands-on sensory experiences. Every theme includes a sensory bin, along with other sensory and small world experiences.

Every theme includes at least 2 art experiences. These art projects are open ended and process based with a focus on developing your toddler's critical thinking skills, problem solving skills, and creativity.

The activities are all designed to be developmentally appropriate for 2-year olds.

So, what are your waiting for?

What will my toddler learn with The Toddler Experience?

With the guidance of this curriculum, your child will:

-Develop a love of learning and reading

-Strengthen motor skills

-Be exposed to academic concepts including name, letters, shapes, and color identification

-​Develop strong problem solving skills, creativity, and critical thinking skills

-Explore their world using all their senses​

-Continue and grow their curiosity of the world by learning to ask questions and seek answers