I have lots of pictures to share with you this week. We were busy with more exploration of art materials and colors. This week was all about toddler accomplishments. Sicily accomplished a lot of our goals through exploring new materials and skills.

Exploring ArtSicily’s transferring schema has been showing a lot lately. One example is her transferring and pushing her stuffed animals around all day in her stroller. She loves running around in circles around the chairs.

Toddler ArtI have had our block area set up for about 2 months now with blocks made from branches, blue wooden blocks, and waffle blocks. There is a mirror and 2 large wood cookies in this area as well. Sicily hasn’t shown much interest in this area until this week. I sat down and started building and using the mirror to help me. She was intrigued and decided to join me. She was fascinated by the blocks made from branches. Sicily called them sticks. She pulled each piece out and looked at it carefully. Then she noticed the mirror. She made faces at herself and then started to investigate the reflections. She would point to herself then to me. As she pointed she looked at herself and then back at the mirror. Watching her little mind work while trying to figure out the mirror was very interesting to see.

Exploring ArtWe have been working on sorting lately. I have another activity out that has red and blue objects along with a red and blue bucket. We work on it everyday, but she seems to get distracted easily. I was about to give up on sorting when I saw her sit down to do this activity by herself. She got every color shape on the correct color peg during the first try. This just goes to show that toddlers can learn on their own and don’t need fancy activities to learn.

Exploring ArtI set out another painting invitation this week. We explored with yellow and painted another picture for our color book. This week I added a book about color to the invitation, but it didn’t really seem to add to their thinking. I might try again next week to see if they notice the book. I love how Sicily dumps all her paint on her paper before painting with it.

Exploring ArtI also pulled out the oil pastels for the first time this week. I noticed that Sicily didn’t try to eat these like she does crayons. She also colored the back of her chair, which she doesn’t attempt to do with crayons. We will explore with these more this week.

Exploring ArtThis was Sicily’s favorite activity this week. She spent 45 minutes painting. I rolled out some easel paper and taped it to the porch. Add some paint and let them explore. I liked the fact that this was outside too because she ended up exploring painting other things like the balls, grass, and herself.

Exploring ArtI was one happy mama this week. As you may know, Sicily hasn’t been a fan of messes, but a few weeks ago she explored with painting her hands. Well this week, she painted her whole body. Her legs, arms, and hair were pink. She never got upset over the mess, and confidently let me know when she was done painting.

Exploring ArtAnd this is another proud moment for me this week. Sicily has been unsure of climbing the slide ladder herself. She always asked for help. This week I encouraged her to try climbing it herself. After several attempts, she climbed the ladder and sat down on the top of the slide. The smile of pride and accomplishment that she gave me was such a heartwarming feeling.

This was our week. Lots of art explorations and accomplishing new skills this week. What did your little ones accomplish this week?