the-tiny-seed-activities-coverOverview: Every week, we spend one day learning about our topic through a book and related activities. Check out this weeks The Tiny Seed activities.

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I love connecting books to themes we are learning about. Recently, I started making sure I added a book into every week that connects to our theme, and plan activities that relate specifically to the book.

I think planning a day around a book helps enhance the learning experience, deepens the vocabulary, and shows them that we can use books to learn information.

For our Spring Toddler Theme, we read The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle. Here’s how our day with The Tiny Seed Activities went.

The Tiny Seed Activities for Toddlers

We started the day by reading The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle during our Morning Meeting. We talked about how seeds turn into flowers, fruits, or vegetables when we plant them. We pulled out the seed life cycle cards and talked about each stage in the growth of a flower.

We took a walk outside to our garden that we planted during our Spring Toddler Theme and looked at the plants. We talked about how the plants were just seeds a few weeks ago when we planted them.

Planting Seeds

When we went inside for our 3 hour work period, I had lima beans laying out. Sicily spent some time exploring the lima beans while I fed Kade. When I finished, we placed the seeds into a baggie with wet cotton balls. I asked her what she thought would happen. She said “Ley plant seed.”


I like to ask her questions that I know I won’t really get an answer to, but I want to expose her to these types of questions. I replied with “Yes, you did plant the seed. I think the seed will turn into a plant just like in our story.”

By giving her a response that answers the question, I am modeling how to answer questions and how to make predictions for when she is capable of answering these types of questions.

Painting with Flowers

As she was playing, I set up an invitation to create. On the table, I placed The Tiny Seed along with Planting a Rainbow by Lois Elhert, yellow paint, purple paint, and a few carnations. I also laid out the seed life cycle cards we had talked about earlier.

I left it there until Sicily discovered it, which didn’t take long since she loves to paint. She wanted to paint right away, so I read Planting a Rainbow while she painted. I absolutely love the way her painting turned out in the bottom picture.


A Flower Snack

We ended our tiny seed day with a flower snack after nap time. We have been working hard on kitchen skills, so Sicily helped me cut the fruit. I didn’t tell her we were making a flower though. I wanted it to be a surprise. So when we finished cutting everything, I asked her to deliver the extra kiwi to Buddy (her step-dad) while I created the flower.

I used strawberries for the petals, a kiwi slice for the center, and string cheese for the stem. When she came back and saw it she yelled “Pretty flower, Ma!”


I loved having a whole day planned around a book. I can’t wait to add more of these into our weekly schedule. The Tiny Seed Activities is part of the Spring theme in The Toddler Experience Curriculum.

Happy Learning!