The Preschool Experience Curriculum

A Play-Based Experience for Your Preschooler 

Want to teach your preschooler while keeping it light and fun?

Tired of spending lots of time and money on activities that only hold your preschoolers attention for a few minutes?

Want an easy to follow plan that gives you the flexibility to follow your child’s lead that motivates them to learn & grow?

You know you want to teach your preschooler through play because...

  • Preschoolers learn best through hands-on, play-based experiences.

  • You want to spend your days exploring, playing, and learning together.

  • A deep connection and strong love of learning are more important to you than academic concepts.

  • You want to make learning fun, engaging, and motivating.

  • Building a strong foundation is the key to a lifelong learning journey.

  • Every child has their own unique learning timeline and play helps encourage when and what your child will learn.

But your unsure...

  • Am I challenging my child enough … or too much?

  • Am I missing some key skills and knowledge?

  • Am I doing right by my child?

  • What methodology should I follow?

  • Which activities are the right ones for my kiddo?

  • How do I TEACH through play? What activities should I use? Will my kid like it?

You can teach your preschooler through play without spending endless hours searching online or hundreds of dollars on materials.

You can teach your preschooler without forcing the academics.

You can teach your preschooler in a way that’s fun and engaging for both of you.

You Just need a flexible curriculum this is:

Play- based.

Organized enough for you to follow, yet flexible enough so you can follow your child’s lead.

Process- and exploration-based.

Project-based with literacy, math, science, arts, and technology interconnected.

Research-based, Mom-tested, Preschooler-approved.

Designed by a certified teacher actively teaching her own kiddos at home.

Because when you have a flexible curriculum with these high standards and must-haves ….

You’ll be empowered to teach your preschooler in a meaningful, effective, and fun way!


The Preschool Experience

The play-based curriculum for mamas who want to make sure they are 
engaging their preschoolers while honoring their playful, inquisitive preschooler ways.

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What's Inside The Preschool Experience Curriculum

A full project-based, completely child-led curriculum for 3 & 4 year olds.

This preschool program is designed to learn through your child’s unique interests. Spend your days exploring your child’s questions and topics of interests while integrating math and literacy in a no-pressure way.

Unit Studies

New unit studies are added each month.

Spend time exploring your child’s questions, interests, and hobbies through these hands-on, child-led, play-based unit studies.

Each unit study includes:


-Invitations to explore

-Hands- on activities to answer common questions

-Gross Motor

-Fine Motor



-Science/ STEAM

-Process Art



This section includes hands-on, Montessori- inspired math activities for all the recommended skills for 3 and 4 year olds. You have the freedom to jump around based on your child’s readiness and interests in each skill.


A full developmentally appropriate, Montessori-inspired literacy program for learning to read and write. This section is flexible enough to follow your child’s lead with readiness on each skill.

I was looking for a structured system that worked. When I tried The Preschool Experience, the first week I saw amazing changes in learning, playing, and even behavior in my 4 year old.

Alena | from Ukraine

And my pledge to you:

  • The materials are simple to prepare & easy to find (bet you’ve already got most of them on hand) so you can spend more time WITH your child & less time PLANNING.

  • The Preschool Experience Curriculum is developmentally appropriate for ages 3-4 years old. That means no more guessing… you won’t frustrate or under-challenge your child… you’ll be confident and your little one will be engaged!

  • You’ll have 24-hour online access to the curriculum so you can print and prep whenever you have the time. (Oh, don’t worry the printing is minimal. Only print what you absolutely need.)

  • Unit Studies are based on your child’s interests (seriously, you can request specific unit studies that YOUR child will love and I’ll develop them for you at no extra cost! An endless supply!)

  • All the activities are hands-on, process-based, play-oriented, and child-led.

  • I’m avaliable to help you handle challenges that come up.

What you won’t get:

A bunch of printables and workbooks.

Each unit study includes activities to :

  • Develop a strong love of learning.

  • Strengthen fine- and gross-motor skills.

  • Provide support in learning academic concepts through Montessori-inspired lessons.

  • Develop strong problem solving skills, critical thinking skills, and creativity.

  • Help preschoolers explore their world using all their senses while challenging their brains to think beyond what’s in front of them.

  • Inspire and encourage their curiosity of the world by asking questions and seeking answers.

  • Every unit study includes invitations to open-ended experiences that can be prepped and set up in minutes.

  • The curriculum can be customized to every child, and most activities can be made easier or harder to fit your unique child’s abilities.

When I first looked into The Preschool Experience, I felt like it was all laid out for me in a way that would allow my daughter to lead her own learning. I wanted to foster that learning is fun and exciting so it will continue when we are school aged. The Preschool Experience has let me build a strong love of learning in my 4 year old. She asks to do school everyday.”

Jamie | from Tennessee

The Preschool Experience Curriculum

$197 $157

Special pricing & bonuses available for a limited time

And to welcome you into our Preschool Experience Curriculum community, I’m giving you these bonuses, completely free, for a limited time only …

Bonus 1: Teaching Preschoolers at Home Full Length Course ($50)

Teaching Preschool at Home is a 7 module course with short videos, checklists, and activity ideas to help you understand your preschooler’s needs and how to confidently follow their lead to teach them everything they need to know. I walk you through the step by step process on getting started with homeschool preschool followed by practical ideas on preschool development, learning styles, and challenges you may face. You can find themes and activities all over the internet, but I help you take it a step further by understanding your preschooler, their growth, and how to teach them.

This course is designed for the stay at home or homeschooling mama who wants to ensure their preschooler gets the best possible start to their education by developing a love of learning and a strong foundation for education.

Bonus 2: Encouraging Environments Mini Course ($15)

In this 35 minute course you will learn what is an encouraging environment, what does an encouraging environment look like, and your role in an encouraging environment. Leave this course knowing exactly how to prepare your learning environment in a way that will encourage your child to learn to his full potential.Pres

I've helped hundreds of mamas learn how to teach their littles at home

Hey Beautiful Mama! I’m Amanda, and I’m the founder of Sicily’s Heart and Home where I teach mamas just like you how to teach your toddlers and preschoolers at home. Before becoming a stay at home mom, I was a teacher. I have a BS in Elementary Education and AA in Early Childhood Education. Most of my teaching career was in preschools and head start programs. I adore teaching little ones.

I designed this curriculum because I couldn’t find a child-led, play-based curriculum that was flexible enough to meet my Sicily’s unique needs and interests. And now I’m sharing my passion with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to follow the curriculum exactly?

Absolutely not. I have many customers who use the curriculum as a guide. There are enough activities in each unit study to fully learn about a topic at the preschool level. But if your preschooler has their own idea or you see something you want to try, the curriculum is flexible enough that you can do your own thing right alongside it.

Are there assessments?

Nope. There is a checklist of skills for each activity, but the curriculum focuses on play and child-led experiences that help them learn about their interests. No assessment is needed. When you’re learning and exploring right alongside your little one everyday, you don’t need an assessment to tell you what your child knows.

Will I really have time to implement the curriculum?

I get it …You’re a super busy mom with 986 things to do. I’ve laid out all the steps in crystal clear fashion so that you don’t have to worry about anything. It only takes me 10-15 minutes every night to get set up. I even get laundry and cleaning done during the day since most of the activities are child-led.

What age is the curriculum for?

The curriculum is designed for 3-4 year olds. However, some 2 year olds may be ready to start exploring the preschool curriculum whereas some 5 year olds may still need the extra support. Every child has their own unique learning timeline.

Are all the materials included?

I try to keep all materials to a minimum and things you can find around the house. I give alternatives to many things used in the curriculum. There are some images, 3-part cards, and other printable resources in each unit study. We focus on hands-on learning, so there isn’t much to print out. You won’t find pages of printables if that’s what you’re looking for.

What unit studies are included?

Right now there are over 20 unit studies, with more added every month. For a list of unit studies already included, send me a quick email and I’ll get a list to you. I encourage you to email me with any ideas for unit studies that relate to your child’s interests. I want to make sure you have the activities you need to meet your child’s unique interests.

We are loving the preschool curriculum! The body unit was AMAZING and my boys learned so much! If you haven’t already, check it out. Having a curriculum makes it so much easier for me to jump into topics they are interested in without spending hours trying to prepare on my own.”


The Preschool Experience Curriculum

plus over $60 in bonuses…

All yours for just $197 $157.

But ONLY for a limited time!

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