self-helpSit back and imagine this…

You’re sitting on the couch watching your favorite show when all of a sudden you hear a crash and “uh-oh” coming from the kitchen. Part of you wants to see what happened, but you know better. If you go in there, it will be a huge mess waiting for YOU to clean it up.

Or how about this one…

It’s time for your little ones to go to bed and all you want to do is enjoy some alone time. You know this bedtime routine is going to take 30 minutes longer than it’s suppose to because your little ones will not follow the routine.

These events happen all to often in a house with kiddos, but they don’t have to end in you being frustrated. It’s all about building toddlers self help skills and responsibility from an early age. Today I’m over at Tots and Me talking about toddlers self-help skills. I’m even giving you a sure fire way to build responsibility to help make those morning and evening routines go smoothly.

Head over to Tots and Me to read it now.

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