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What is STEAM?

STEAM! This new “subject” has been widely popular lately and seems to be growing by the day. But here’s a little secret… STEAM has been around forever. And children do STEAM activities on a daily basis without our intention. STEAM stands for science, technology, engineering, art, and math. The idea behind creating STEAM is to […]

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10 Tips for Exploring Nature With Littles

*This post contains affiliate links.* I am not an outdoor girl. But I do want my kids to grow up loving nature and spending time outdoors. So I put on my big girl pants and head outside, as long as it’s not too hot or too cold. I am not a fan of extreme weather. […]

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I Want My Kids To Fail

kids fail

Beautiful Mama! I have something to confess to you. A little secret about raising my kids that you may not agree with. What I want for my kids more than anything is for them to fail. And I want them to fail multiple times in many different situations. Trust me, I want the best for […]

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What is an Invitation?


Overview: Invitations are my secret to a child-led approach, but still keeping a little bit of structure to our day. Here’s how I use invitations in our homeschool. *This post contains affiliate links.* I spent 30 minutes the other night setting up a zoo small world for Sicily. We were going to the zoo in […]

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4 Aspects of the Adult’s Role in a Child-Led Approach


Overview: There are many different ways an adult can be present in a child’s education. An adult can be very involved or not involved at all. I like to find a happy medium which is why I follow a child-led approach to learning. Here are 4 adult roles for a child-led approach to learning. Welcome […]

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9 Reasons Why Worksheets Are Not Appropriate for Young Children

Overview: Worksheets, workbooks, and printables. Is there a place for them in the early childhood setting? Today I’m explaining why I think worksheets are not appropriate for young children. Welcome to the #ChildLedEnvironments Series where we are exploring how to set up and cultivate an environment conducive to child-led learning. How to Cultivate a Love […]

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