You see it all the time, mother’s telling their daughters to be a strong woman. Any mother would want her daughter to grow up to be a strong woman. I want to teach my daughter how to be a strong woman in today’s society. Even though women have “equal rights,” it is still a man driven society. A woman needs to be strong in order to survive in this world.


So what makes a strong woman?

I hit the social media platform and was overwhelmed with opinions of what makes a strong woman.

1.A good role model for others, especially young girls

2.High self-esteem

3.Positive self-image

4.Self respect

5.Knows her worth

6.Stands up for others


8.Ability to pick up and move on after failure

9.Does what needs to be done

10.Knows who she is and what she stands for

11.Follows her dreams

12.Doesn’t let obstacles stand in her way

13.Continually learning and growing

14.Stands up for herself

15.Opinionated and not afraid to stand up for her opinions


17.Helps others

18.Challenges herself

19.Goal Oriented

20.Admits when she is wrong

21.Asks questions when she doesn’t know



24.Knows her limits and when to say no

25.Don’t break under pressure

26.Celebrates her gifts, successes, failures, and flaws

Your Turn: Who is a woman you admire? What qualities does she have?


Keep Growing with Us!

Much Love,