Keep Track of Your Toddler’s Progress

Download the detailed toddler skills list to keep track of progress and be sure that your toddler is on track.

Tot School is a wonderful way to start introducing your little one to homeschool while keeping everything light and fun. Through a child-led approach, your 18 month old to 2 year old will love learning about their environment and being exposed to all the academic concepts they will be expected to learn later on.

Through this page, I will walk you through the step by step process I took to set up our Tot School. So let’s start here with this post about what exactly is Tot School.

When I first started Tot School, the way we did things changed every week. I had a hard time figuring out the best approach. That’s why I’m sharing with you the steps I took to getting everything set up before you actually start Tot School.

Now that everything is set up and prepared, it’s time to start thinking about the activities you will be planning. Below you will find posts about different types of activities and a bit about what your toddler should be learning.

Still feel unsure of how to get started or what to teach? Check out my Teaching Toddlers at Home Course where I walk you through my step by step process of getting started with action steps to complete before moving on.


“Tot School was leaving me overwhelmed. I didn’t even know where to begin. Amanda’s course helped me become aware of each learning domain and now I make a conscious decision to make sure each domain is covered every week. My son is enjoying the new variety of activities. Teaching Toddlers at Home was easy to follow and understand with straightforward ideas that were easy to implement. I loved the concrete ways to organize our space and the easy method of scheduling our day. You can take her ideas directly from the course and apply them.” -Courtny, Wisconsin

Be sure to check out The Toddler Experience Curriculum too! It’s a hands-on, process-based, completely child-led approach to Tot School.

“Before purchasing The Toddler Experience, I had trouble knowing what was age appropriate for my son. I struggled with knowing what kinds of things to do and how to do them. When I came across Amanda’s curriculum, I wasn’t sure I’d like it. I’ve seen a lot of curriculums out there, and most of them seemed too concept based instead of experience based. I chose The Toddler Experience specifically because my son is a very physical boy, so he doesn’t sit well. Amanda’s program incorporates learning through experience and doing rather than a more traditional sedentary approach to learning.” -Lacie, Colorado