Yesterday we came home from a day of shopping in the middle of Sicily’s nap time. She had just fallen asleep in the car, so we walked upstairs into her room to finish our nap (which never happened). I sat down in our rocking chair and just held her. She was so sleepy. She rested her little head on my chest, snuggled under the blanket, and we just rocked.


I have no idea how long we were sitting there. It could have been a minute or thirty. I kept telling myself that I had things to do. My mind kept racing through my list:

Pick up toys

Wash the dirty dishes

Work on my blog

Create the policies for the preschool

Like a speeding truck, it hit me! Sicily will be one in a few weeks! How many more times will I get to sit in this chair with her just cuddling? How many more hugs will I get before she thinks it’s not cool? These thoughts just kept racing through my mind. I took a deep breath and told myself to just relax. Sit here! Enjoy this moment! All those other things can wait, but this moment cannot. I know I have a few more years to enjoy these small moments more often than not, but in that moment, I realized that this will not last forever. I need to enjoy every single moment I get. The random hugs and kisses. The hand on my cheek as we rock in our chair at night. The head on my shoulder when we are upset. My favorite is when she walks over, puts her arms around me for a hug, and pats my back.


As I started to reflect on these moments, I realized that these small moments are not the only ones we should be cherishing. I started noticing the other small moments that I need to slow down and enjoy like the random hugs and kisses from my husband, and sitting on the couch to watch a show together. Life is not about the “things” we have to do. In the end we won’t be sitting on our death bed remembering the dirty dish in the sink or the toy I forgot to pick up. No my friend, we will be remembering those small moments.

These moments will not last forever. Store them in your memories and pull them out when you are at your wits end. When this same child (or husband..hehe) is pulling at your leg and screaming, remember these moments. When she’s refusing to listen, remember these moments. When he gives you bad news, remember these moments. Slow down time the best you can in every single one of these moments. Cherish them, Mommy! They don’t last forever!

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Your Turn:

What is your favorite small moment from this week?

Much Love,