Welcome to our 11th day of 12 Days of Christmas. You can read all the posts from this series right here.

We thought it would be fun to do an experiment to see if it was possible to make a jingle bell not ring. Have you ever wondered if that was possible? So we sat down together and brainstormed what we could do to make the bells not jingle. We decided to try four ways to see if they would work. Working with tissue paper, pom poms, and sand. In order to test each type of item we used plastic clear ornaments that you can close and open.

To start we had tested out a bell in the ornament to see what it would sound like. When we determined what it would sound like we started working with our different items. In the first ornament we started adding in pom poms. We started with a small amount of the pom poms and then closed the ornament and started shaking it. With not having many pom poms in the ornament we decided to see if it would make a difference by putting in more pom poms.

The second ornament we placed some tissue paper in with the bell. What happens when you use tissue paper?

Then the last ball we used sand. This one was a little messy so I did most of the work for this one. What happens when you try it out?

We had so much fun with this experiment. My boys thought that working with the bells and other types of materials was a blast. They learned about how to make the jingle sound stop. How much of each material it would take to do. As we were working on it they kept getting amazed looks as they didn’t know what to expect.

When you do this with your little ones share what you did. Did you use the same materials or did you try other ones. Can’t wait to see what you had done!! Let us know below.