sensory-play-flourWhen Sicily was a year old, I introduced her to flour in the sensory bin. She had a blast scooping and pouring the flour all over herself.


Now that Kade is 7 months, I thought flour sensory play would be a great activity for both of them to do together and learn a little bit about playing together. It was a huge success!

When we started, it was time for Kade’s bottle. So Sicily had a few minutes to play independently before brother barged in. She scooped the flour up in her hands and said “Cold Ma!”


I encouraged her to hold it in her hands a few minutes and see what happens. She noticed right away that it was getting warmer.

As she continued to explore, she noticed that the flour sprinkles. She picked up a handful and sprinkled it all over the kitchen floor.


When she noticed a little bit got on her feet she stepped right onto the tray of flour. As I was cleaning up from brother’s bottle, she tried to make an escape and put little white footprints on the carpet!


I sat Kade next to the tray and he stuck a hand in. He wasn’t really impressed with the flour, but decided to stick a foot in like sister. He was more interested in watching what she was doing.


Sicily started to sprinkle a little flour on brother’s head then the dog’s head. We had a huge mess!

I love when things start to get messy. To me the messier an activity gets, the more fun they had!

After we finished, I brushed the flour off everyone and swept it up. Only took about 5 minutes to clean up, so it wasn’t that bad.

Happy Playing!