rainbow-fish-activitiesOverview: During our beach toddler theme, we spent a whole day focusing on activities around The Rainbow Fish  by Marcus Pfister.

Every week we have one day that is dedicated to a literacy connection. That means all of our activities are related to the book we read during our morning meeting.

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For our beach theme, we read Rainbow Fish and spent a whole day doing fish activities.

We started our day by reading The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister. Like usual, Sicily enjoyed this story. She asked to read it 3 times before we got started with our activities.

We talked about how the rainbow fish wasn’t being very kind at first, but once he realized that being nice to his friends made him happy, he started being kind to everyone. We talked about how some things we don’t want to share, and that’s okay. But we always have to be kind about it.

I think our little discussion made an impact, at least for that day, because she was sharing everything with her little brother.

Once we headed down to our learning area, Sicily immediately noticed the fish invitation I set up for her. I let her lead this activity. When she caught a fish I would say “You caught a red fish.” After catching a few, she began identifying the color on her own.

She was getting frustrated with the tiny magnet, so it didn’t last long. While she was playing with something else, I ended up tying a large magnetic wand to the end. This worked much better. To make the fish magnetic, I added a paperclip to it’s mouth.


Later that day, we headed back upstairs to make some playdough. After a little convincing, we made blue playdough. Everything in her opinion should be pink. Once I told her we already had pink playdough downstairs, so we didn’t need to make any, she decided that blue would be a good choice because she wanted to pour and mix.

Once the playdough cooled, I cut out a few fish shapes and laid them out on the table with some buttons, glass gems, and beads. We listened to the story again using this YouTube video while we made our own rainbow fish.


After nap we always have snack, but today I added a little color sorting activity to it. Sicily wasn’t really into this activity and only added a few fish to her graph before she began eating the fish.

My goal was to introduce her to more and less using the graph, but we didn’t make it that far.


Sicily had a blast using The Rainbow Fish as our activity guide this day. This day fit into our beach toddler theme, which came from The Toddler Experience Curriculum. Happy Playing!