Curriculum & Programs

I want you to enjoy quality time playing, exploring, and building a love of learning WITH your little one.

Planning & prepping for preschool at home or tot school doesn’t have to take hours. And you don’t have to spend a lot of energy teaching your little to see true learning happen.

Everything I create is about simple, un-pressured learning. Your little will explore what interests them while learning how to learn & find answers on their own. 

You’ll help your kiddo gain a sturdy foundation for which to grow all future knowledge while becoming confident and independent in their abilities. 

You can breathe easy knowing your kiddo loves learning and is actually learning everything important along with the things they love and want to learn about.

The Toddler Experience Curriculum

A full play-based, completely child-led curriculum for toddlers 18 months to 3 years old.

In this Montessori-inspired curriculum, your toddler will be…

  • exploring a variety of art mediums to foster creativity
  • strengthening motor skills to prepare for future learning such as writing
  • exposed to academic concepts to start building a sturdy foundation for which to grow all their future knowledge
  • And learning how to be independent and confident in their learning journey

The Preschool Experience Curriculum

A full project-based, completely child-led curriculum for 3 & 4 year olds.

This preschool program is designed to prepare your child for Kindergarten through their unique interests. Spend your days exploring your child’s questions and curiosities while integrating math and literacy.

In this Montessori-inspired curriculum, your preschooler will be…

  • building critical thinking skills that will help them work through things & not focus on the end result

  • learning about their unique interests and curiosities while building a strong love of learning

  • exploring developmentally appropriate Kindergarten readiness skills 

  • And learning how to be independent and confident in their abilities

Summer Camps at Home

Want to take a break during the summer, but still have some fun playing, exploring, and learning?

Join us on a 12 week summer camp at home experience. Great for all ages!

Follow a simplified summer schedule where you do 1 activity per day, so you have plenty of time to go on some awesome adventures.

Each week includes 5 simple, easy to prep activities. You will explore art, sensory, cooking, science/STEAM, and learning games each week.

Homeschooling Littles Life Planner

A stress-free way to organized all your #momlife tasks. If you’re finally ready to get everything organized in one place than the Homeschooling Littles Life Planner is for you. Planners to organize homeschool, life, meals, house, financial, personal, and a few other planners like a Christmas planner and Kids Say the Cutest Things.