Curriculum & Resources

Learning Through Experiences

A child-led curriculum

I want you to enjoy quality time playing, exploring, and building a love of learning WITH your little one.

Planning & prepping for preschool at home or tot school doesn’t have to take hours. And you don’t have to spend a lot of energy teaching your little to see true learning happen.

Everything I create is about simple, un-pressured learning. Your little will explore what interests them while learning how to learn & find answers on their own. 

You’ll help your kiddo gain a sturdy foundation for which to grow all future knowledge while becoming confident and independent in their abilities. 

You can breathe easy knowing your kiddo loves learning and is actually learning everything important along with the things they love and want to learn about.

Homeschooling Littles Life Planner

Busy mama? Not sure what’s happening today?

Then you need the Homeschooling Littles Life Planner. With over 40 types of planners, you can customize this planner to suit your lifestyle and organize all your #momlife tasks.

Outdoor Learning for Preschoolers

A child-led outdoor curriculum

Want to take learning outside?

The guide is easy to fit into any family lifestyle or curriculum you may already be using. Spread the activities out over a month, a week, or do them all in one day.