The Toddler Experience Curriculum

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Organized enough for you to follow, yet flexible enough so you can follow your child’s lead.

Process- and exploration-based.

Theme-based with literacy, math, science, arts, and technology interconnected.

Research-based, Mom-tested, Toddler-approved.

Designed by a certified teacher actively teaching her own toddler at home.

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Download a sample theme.


Introducing The Toddler Experience Curriculum

The child-led homeschool curriculum for moms who want to make sure they are helping their toddlers learn while honoring their playful, inquisitive toddler ways.

Download a sample theme.

What’s Inside?

Section 1: The Young Toddler

The Young Toddler is designed to expose toddlers to the Tot School concept. This includes developing a routine around your child’s natural flow and introducing activities. During this time, you’re encouraged to observe as much as possible to help set a routine and define interests.

* Created for toddlers between 18 and 22 months-old, it is an excellent starting point for toddlers of any age.

Each month there is a new theme based around a color and shape, with sensory and motor activities, as well as an introduction to a variety of art mediums.

* More laid-back, The Young Toddler eases your child into Tot School. This means you can take your time learning about their interests, how they learn, and develop your own routine around their natural flow.

Section 2: Letter Themes

Every letter of the alphabet is connected to a theme. This is not intended to be done alphabetically. Parents choose which theme/letter to do based on their toddlers interests or things happening in their lives. It’s designed to be used in conjunction with the Extra Themes:

* Each letter of the alphabet has it’s own 2-week theme, though the primary focus is on the play-centered learning activities, with some exposure to the letter.

* Each letter theme includes 4 tot trays, 6 theme activities, 2 sensory bins, a book list, songs/fingerplays, 2 letter activities, 2 shape activities, 2 color activities, a literacy connection, and 2 STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) connections.

Section 3: Extra Themes

The Extra Themes include holidays and other themes toddlers are usually interested in. I add new themes to this section every month, and I develop new themes tailored to your toddler’s interests – just send in your request via email! (And at no additional cost to you!)

* Themes in this section include holidays, seasons, and your toddler’s interests.

* Each theme in this section includes 6 theme activities (or more), 2 tot trays, a book list, songs/fingerplays, a sensory bin, a literacy connection and 2 STEAM connections.

* Online access means you can access new themes immediately.

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Each Theme Includes:

  • Weekly planning template
  • Materials list
  • Theme extension ideas
  • Lyrics to songs and fingerplays
  • Recommended read alouds/books
  • Suggested ideas for theme-based sensory bins
  • 4 tot trays for building specific skills within the theme (e.g. fine motor, cognitive, math, …)
  • Literacy connections (theme-based story with retelling sensory play, Youtube video, extensions into art and cooking activities, and more.
  • Letters, shapes and colors introduced with a play-centered approach that supports skills like math, sensory, literacy, and fine motor learning.
  • Special theme activities that includes gross motor play, and many activities to choose from to support your toddler’s interests and learning needs.
  • Links to online videos I’ve selected on Youtube to accompany each theme.
  • Theme-specific printables to support and enhance the hands-on activities used in your lessons. All your resources are made for you!

I was having a hard time coming up with activities that were age-appropriate for my toddler. I thought I should be able to work out a plan by myself, but didn’t know where to start. The Toddler Experience Curriculum took out the hard work of planning activities by myself. It gave me more time to play with my child instead of spending a lot of time searching on Pinterest. The curriculum [encouraged] me to do activities with my son, like fine motor activities, that I didn’t even think he would be able to do.  Anjuli | from England

I appreciate Amanda and The Toddler Experience because it is the only curriculum I could find meant for toddlers to be used by a parent at home rather than in a childcare setting. It’s incredibly well developed and has so much to choose from that one can easily find something that will appeal to their individual toddler’s interests and abilities. I love that a million ideas that I could have spent hours rounding up online and then spent additional hours figuring out the best way to implement them, are already here and organized for me, which is just what this busy mama needed. Jessica | from Texas

I love the flexibility of it. I go through each week and pick the activities we’re going to do when and can adjust things based on my son’s abilities or interests. The tot school has been wonderful to expand my son’s skills, and I love watching him learn and get better at the activities! Kelly | from Indiana 

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Amanda M.

    This is wonderful! I mean, none of the activities are ground-breaking — well, maybe to a toddler they are! — but it is organized and easy and laid out in such a way that it is doable. There are just so many ideas floating around out there that I found it difficult just to get started. This helped so much! I was able to gather materials and get started without fussing too much or worrying about covering more. Having the list of materials was great and let me get things laid out ahead of time. Having things prepared meant that we could change activities on the fly if one wasn’t working or if my son wanted to do something else. No interest in play-doh on the first day? No problem, we grabbed the circle sensory box and we played with it for almost an hour talking about circles, colors, textures, in, out, on top, under… along with some throwing practice. It was awesome! He’s loving it so much and I’m loving being able to focus on having fun with him rather than trying to figure out what to do and stressing about putting it all together. We get to a couple activities each day along with songs and reading, so I’m not feeling overwhelmed by the amount of things to do or the time needed to do them. I made a little cheat sheet with all the different activities so that we can try to get to all of them or just revisit some of the ones we’ve done. It was money well-spent. Thank you again for putting this all together!

    • Amanda

      Thank you so much Amanda! I’m so glad you and your little one are enjoying it!

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