The Preschool Experience Curriculum


Organized enough for you to follow, yet flexible enough so you can follow your child’s lead.

Process, and exploration-based.

Project-based with literacy, math, science, arts, and technology interconnected.

Research-based, Mom-tested, Preschooler-approved.

Designed by a certified teacher actively teaching her own preschooler at home.

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Download a Sample Unit Study


Introducing The Preschool Experience Curriculum

A full project-based, completely child-led curriculum for 3 & 4 year olds.

This preschool program is designed to learn academic skills through your chlid’s unique interests. Spend your days exploring your child’s questions and topics of interests while integrating math and literacy.

Download a Sample Unit Study

Unit Studies: 

New unit studies are added each month.

Spend time exploring your child’s questions, interests, and hobbies through these hands-on, child-led unit studies.

Each unit study includes:

-Invitations to explore

-Activities to answer common questions

-Gross Motor

-Fine Motor



-Science/ STEAM

-Process Art



This section includes general math activities for all the recommended skills for 3 and 4 years old. Have the freedom to jump around based on your child’s readiness and interests in skills.


A full developmentally appropriate  literacy program for learning to read and write. This section is flexible enough to follow your child’s lead with readiness on each skill.

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