Teaching Toddlers at Home Course

Do you want to feel confident in following your child’s lead?

Do you want to teach your toddler using their unique interests and learning style?

Do you want a system in place to help you feel more organized, but flexible enough to go with your child’s flow?

Then the Teaching Toddlers at Home Course if for you!

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Teaching Toddler’s at Home is a 5 module course with short videos, checklists, and activity ideas to help you understand your toddler’s needs and how to confidently follow their lead to teach them everything they need to know. I walk you through the step by step process on getting started with Tot School followed by practical ideas on toddler development, learning styles, and challenges you may face. You can find themes and activities all over the internet, but I help you take it a step further by understanding your toddler, your toddler’s growth, and how to teach them.

This course is designed for the stay at home or homeschooling mama who wants to ensure their toddler gets the best possible start to their education by developing a love of learning and a strong foundation for education.

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