process-art-sun-catchers*This post contains affiliate links.*

One of the first process art activities I ever introduced to Sicily was a sun catcher. These invitations to create are simple to set up, can fit into any theme, and provide a wide variety of skill practice.

The first one I did with Sicily was during our Hearts Toddler Theme, our very first Tot School experience. I just set out a basket of red, white, and pink tissue paper torn into little pieces. Then I cut two pieces of contact paper into a heart.


For our first experience, I showed her how to place the tissue paper on the sticky contact paper. She had fun exploring the stickiness of the contact paper. She would put a piece of tissue paper on and try to pull it off.

Once finished, I place the second heart piece on top. Then I use clear tape to hang it on our glass door.

I love how versatile sun catchers are. You can use them in almost any theme. I have used them to teach colors and shapes. And they are simple to set up too!

orange-sun-catcherSun catchers are great extensions to books too! After reading Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf by Lois Elhert during out Fall Toddler Theme, I set out an invitation to create a leaf sun catcher. I used fall color tissue paper.


Sun catchers are great for working on creativity, color recognition, and pincher grasp. It’s a great way to explore the concept of sticky.

They are a process art activity that can grow with your child and become more challenging. When I first introduce sun catchers, I already have the tissue paper torn. As the child’s fine motor skills increase, you can introduce larger pieces of tissue paper to encourage them to tear the paper themselves.

Happy Creating!