Boost your preschoolers cognitive development with these fun brain boosting preschool gift ideas. #preschool #Christmas #giftideas

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Hi, I’m Laurie Geary with Yellow Wood Success Academy, and mom of 3 kids under 5!  At Yellow Wood we specialize in using games and movement to build brain skills. At home, I am a special needs mom and love finding ways to help my kids thrive! I can’t wait to share our favorite preschool games and toys with you! These products are perfect for Christmas gifts, as they’ll keep your kiddo entertained AND provide beneficial input.

When choosing gifts for my own preschoolers, there are a few specific things I consider:

  1. What aspect of brain development does this toy provide? Sensory? Vestibular? Cognitive skills? I love to focus on non-academic skills in the beginning. It’s SO important to make sure the brain has had a chance to develop in all areas before starting academics!
  2. Will this product be child-led, or parent-led? I believe there is a place for both, but it is important to have a healthy mix of both at our house!

Your go-to list for games that will boost brain skills in your preschooler!

Listed below are a few of our most popular products, used daily at my house or at Yellow Wood’s cottage school.

Vestibular and balance

The vestibular system is responsible for balance, focus, and more! Build up these skills with some active new gifts!

ALEX Active Monkey Balance Board

This balance board is played with on the daily at our house! My 3 and 5 year olds have owned this for a couple years now and they LOVE it! It’s great for balance and coordination, and for pretending to surf!

Nexpro Balance Pods

 Balance pods are so much fun! My kids love to pretend they are walking across hot lava and can’t touch the ground! These also provide sensory input because of the bumps on the pods. Another great way to use these is to practice color recognition!

Balance Beam

 We have a balance beam at home AND at Yellow Wood. These are great for pretend play and also balance! Ours at home is often a snake or a bridge!

Sensory Doorway Swing

 This doorway swing has been a game changer at home for my son with sensory processing difficulties. He loves the deep pressure input, and the swinging input! This swing helps him calm down and feel at ease, and it’s super fun!

Memory and Visual Processing Games

Memory skills and visual processing are vital skills to early education success! These games will strengthen the brain and your kids won’t even know it!

Cobra Paw

 Oh man, this one is a HUGE hit! Processing speed, good sportsmanship, and visual processing, all in one!


 Blink is an all time fave at Yellow Wood. We use it in a lot of different ways, from sorting colors, shapes, or numbers… to working memory activities found in our Working Memory Workbook!

Super Genius Letters

 This game is great for beginning letter recognition and processing speed! The game instructions includes about a dozen ways to play, so you’ll never get bored!

Super Genius First Words

 Similar to the game above, this is for the beginning or remedial reader! Kids learning simple words will LOVE this game!

Eye Found it Disney

 One of our favorites at home and at Yellow Wood! Eye found it is kind of like this generation’s version of “Where’s Waldo?”! It’s pretty great, and the Disney version won’t disappoint! This game can be played a few different ways, including putting the cards together to complete a puzzle. It’s great for visual processing and working memory!

Sensory Fun

For our sensory sensitive kiddos, this list is great! Get moving and using all your senses with these fun gift ideas!

Dinosaur Kinetic Sand Kit

 This doesn’t even need an explanation! Who doesn’t love dinosaurs and kinetic sand??

Fundanoodle Pre-Writing Activities

Fundanoodle is pretty awesome!! These prewriting activities are great for when you’re on the go and need something to keep your little one busy.

Fundanoodle Get the Wiggles Out

What a fun product! This is perfect for your wiggly preschooler!

Upper Case Muscle Movers

And this is too! Learn upper case letters AND wiggle! What could be better for our preschool kids who are always on the move?

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I hope you’ve found some gift inspiration! I can’t wait to purchase some of these ideas myself for our preschoolers at home. Gifts that allow for creative play and brain development are always a win in my book! Good luck with your shopping!

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Take a look at these brain-boosting preschool gift list ideas. Get those little brains thinking as you develop strong cognitive skills. #preschool #christmas #giftlist #giftideas