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Montessori has a large focus on practical life activities, which prepare children for real life activities. One of the skills in the practical life curriculum is being able to transfer both dry and wet goods.

My method of introducing transferring activities is not always Montessori’s way, but the skill practice is the same.

When first introducing transferring activities, I would begin with using the hands then moving on to spoons and eventually tongs, tweezers, etc. At some point you also want to introduce transferring water.

Transferring Item Suggestions:

-Muffin Tin


Cupcake Liners

-Egg Cartons

-Ice Cube Trays




Eye Dropper







Ways We Have Transferred


Image 1: Transferring glass gems with a spoon

Image 2: Transferring flour with cups

Image 3: Pompom Drop

Image 4: Transferring cotton balls (snowballs) into a bottle (snowman)


Image 1: Transferring water with a pump

Image 2: Transferring rice with pincher grasp

Image 3: Transferring jingle bells with a magnetic wand and tongs

Image 4: Transferring water with cups

Skills Practiced:

-Fine Motor

-Concentration and Focus

-Pre-Reading (moving left to right)

-Language (fill, dump, full, empty)

-Crossing the Midline

-High Risk of Error (to help child correct errors on their own)

Happy Playing!