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fine-motor-activities-pompom-dropWe have been doing a lot of color sorting games lately. I was starting to notice that Sicily knew her colors, but struggled with sorting. One of the activities I have set up is the Pompom Drop.

To start, I painted toilet paper rolls the colors that I wanted Sicily to be able to sort. Once dry, I taped them to the wall. In a basket I added pompoms that matched the colors of the toilet paper rolls. Last, I laid some tongs in the basket and left it sit.

Sicily noticed this new addition right away. And much to my surprise, she picked up the tongs, grabbed a pompom, and put it in the correct tube without me even having to give her directions.


I guess she knows more about sorting than I thought. It just took the right type of activity for her to show me.

I’ve kept the Pompom Drop out for over a month now. She doesn’t play it as often as she did in the beginning, but she still plays with it at least once a week.


The Pompom Drop helps with sorting colors, recognizing colors, and identifying colors. Putting the pompom in the tube is working on hand-eye coordination.

You don’t have to use tongs either. Some options are just using your hands, a spoon, a spatula, tweezers, or chop sticks. All those options add a fine motor component to the activity. Using tweezers, chop sticks, or tongs helps develop the pincher grasp which is an important skill to master before writing.


Happy Playing!




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