playdough-invitationsPlaydough is one of those materials that we try to incorporate into every theme. I love setting up invitations to create with playdough. It’s been inspiring to watch Sicily’s creativity evolve every time I introduce a new playdough invitation.

We always make our own playdough with this easy cooked playdough recipe. I love the cooked playdough because it’s smoother.

I first introduced playdough to Sicily when she was a year old. We spent a lot of time just exploring. We pushed, squeezed, pinched, and rolled the playdough. I wanted to give her a lot of time to figure out what the playdough could do before introducing other materials with it.


One of our very first playdough invitations was a cinnamon playdough with acorns. We were talking about the signs of fall and went on an acorn hunt. The next day, I laid out the acorns we had collected along with cinnamon playdough that we made.

Sicily stuck the acorns in the playdough just like I expected her to. It sort of looked like a chocolate chip cookie!


I also like to connect playdough invitations to stories we read. During our Rainbow Fish literacy connection, I laid out playdough fish with some loose parts. Sicily used the loose parts to create her own rainbow fish.


For Easter, I laid out an egg cookie cutter and loose parts to encourage her to create an Easter egg. She decorated the egg with the loose parts. She also used the cookie cutter to add designs onto her egg.


I laid out this invitation the next day, but I didn’t leave out a pre-cut egg. I wanted to see what she would do. She spent 45 minutes creating this masterpiece with the loose parts. It may just look like a mess, but she strategically placed each bead and glass gem exactly where she wanted it.


I set out a playdough invitation for our transportation toddler theme too. My plan was to make black playdough to represent a road. But Sicily had other plans. She needed to have pink playdough. For this invitation, I just laid out the trucks and playdough.


One of the last playdough invitations we did was a spring invitation to create a flower. I laid out glass gems, playdough, a rolling pin, and a flower cookie cutter.

We were working on using scissors, so I laid out some scissors to see how she was use them with the other materials.


Playdough invitations are super simple to set up. Just add some loose parts, cookie cutters, and playdough. These invitations lead to many different skills including a variety of fine motor skills, creativity, imagination, tactile sensory, and olfactory sensory.

Happy Creating!