Play. Explore. Learn.

Quickly plan CHILD-LED activities for the whole week in 30 minutes or less

In this 5 day email course you will:

  • Set up your environment to encourage learning without a lot of supplies
  • Create a relaxed routine that helps your child focus longer
  • Learn how to identify your child's true interests and curiosities
  • Understand how to use your child's learning style to plan activities that will maximize learning
  • Quickly plan simple child-led activities that promote independence, confidence, and a strong love of learning

Play, Explore, Learn
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Are you ready to play, explore, and learn with your child? Join our free challenge to learn how you can plan child-led activities for your toddler and preschooler. Make preschool at home simple and easy. #preschoolathome #totschool #toddleractivities #homeschoolpreschool

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