ice-paintingThis summer we had a pool day where we just hung out around the kiddie pool on the porch all day.

I wanted to have a few activities set up instead of just the pool, so I did ice painting.

Sicily loved this activity, but she did it in her own way.

The night before I placed food coloring, water, and a popsicle stick into an ice cube tray to freeze.

The next morning, I had a simple set up with just paper and the ice. I took one of the ice pops out and placed it on the paper to give her a clue to what she was suppose to do with it. Then I just left it there.


She noticed the invitation right away, but thought the ice was to eat. So she pulled them out one by one and licked each one. As she finished, she laid each one on the paper. I think her idea was to let them melt. Every once in a while she would go back for another lick and place it back down on the paper.

I tried to show her how to paint with the ice, but she continued on her lick and leave idea. It turned out really pretty in the end. The colors melted together into a rainbow on the paper.

Painting with ice gives kids a different way to explore painting. Not only does it enhance creativity, but also has a sensory experience added in.

Happy Playing!