painting-to-music-toddler-activityOne of our favorite activities the past few months has been painting to music. I love this activity because it’s such a simple project that lends itself to a multitude of skills.

Not only is creativity and imagination being challenged, but painting to music helps them learn about tempo, listening skills, and tactile sensory exploration. Along with those skills, a wide variety of vocabulary is being learned as well.

We started this activity during our All About Me Toddler Theme. We read My Many Colored Days then talked about how when we are angry or really excited our bodies feel like they are moving fast, but when we are sad or happy/calm our bodies move at a slower pace.

I put in a classical CD that had a variety of fast and slow music that represented different moods.

As we listened we painted.


As the music got fast, we painted fast. And as the music got slow, we painted slow.

Then she noticed the really cool squishy sound the paint makes when you squeeze your hands together. We spent time exploring the sound before she discovered she could draw in the paint with her fingers. We ended this painting session with drawing lines and shapes.


We did this activity again a few weeks later. This time I turned on Fantasia as we painted. We spent more time focusing on the sound of the music. I tried to relate the sounds to things she knew in the real world.

At one point, it sounded like someone tiptoeing, so we made our fingers tip toe across the paint. Another time the music sounded like a bee, so we zipped our fingers through the paint like a bee flying fast as we made the buzzing sound.


Sicily really enjoys painting to the music. There is not rhyme or reason to our paintings. We just get lost in the music and let our fingers follow.

Happy Playing!