This week was our first week back from vacation, and I couldn’t be happier with being back into our routine. The Our Week posts are going to be a new addition to Sicily’s Heart & Home. I get a lot of questions over in my Facebook group about daily routines and the activities we do. I thought a weekly review post would be helpful to many of you. And to make it even simpler, I decided to share our week in pictures.

This week I started introducing colors in a not so formal way. I try to have everything child-led and based on Sicily’s interests. She has been naming every car either black or blue lately, so I thought we might try some colors. I introduced the color red this week, but we didn’t have a formal discussion like “This is red.” I simply laid out red materials and made sure I was continually naming the color of things as we played.

Sicily's Heart & Home

I finally got this girl to paint! I was so excited to see her sit down, ignore the mess, and paint a bit. We are going to paint a page every week in a different color to make our own color book.

Sicily's Heart & Home(1)We also made some red playdough, which she also played with. Usually she just walks past the playdough and pokes it. She actually sat this week and played for a good 30 minutes. I was one proud Mama this week.

Sicily's Heart & Home(8)Sicily's Heart & Home(7)We went to the park this week and noticed cicada shells laying on the trees. I think we found about 10 of them. Sicily enjoyed picking them off the tree and looking at them. I wanted to bring a few home for our nature table, but unfortunately toddler hands thought otherwise.

Sicily's Heart & Home(6)Sorry for the blurry picture. I’m still trying to figure out how to take clear pictures with my phone. I set up a simple farm invitation to play with the Little People farm set. Sicily loved it! The next morning, I just threw all the pieces into a basket to see how she would approach the set. She just dumped all the pieces on the floor and was done with it, so I learned that I need to set up the invitation every morning in order for her to get involved with it. FYI- She is kissing all the animals in this picture 🙂

Sicily's Heart & Home(5)We try to get outside for a minimum of 30 minutes everyday. Sicily loves playing Peek-a-Boo around the tree.

Sicily's Heart & Home(4)Another proud Mama moment this week. Sicily has been attempting puzzles lately, but gets frustrated very easily and gives up within a few minutes. She worked hard this week and finally got a few pieces into the correct spot.

Sicily's Heart & Home(3)Our local fair was open this week, so we stopped by to pet some animals. Sicily petted a sheep, goat, bunny, pig, and baby calf.

Sicily's Heart & Home(2)Sicily is loving her learning tower and got a bit messy making some cinnamon apple muffins with me on Sunday morning.

I hope you had a wonderful week! I would love to see your weekly pictures in our Facebook group or on Instagram using #Sicilysplaytime.