Our Core Values

Embrace Simplicity

Teaching your child at home doesn’t have to take hours of planning and prep time. I spend 30 minutes every Sunday planning & prepping activities and 10 minutes every night before bed setting up for the next day.
A child only needs a rock and stick to learn most skills. Here at Learning Through Experiences, we embrace simplicity to maximize learning and minimize stress for both you and your child.

Playing is Learning

Children learn best through playing. At Learning Through Experiences, we strive to provide you with simple child-led play experiences, even in the older grades. Your child will learn all the skills they need to know and some they simply want to know through play-based activities where they have the freedom to explore in their own way coming to their own conclusions.

Every Child is Unique

Every child has their own unique learning timeline. What they learn and when they learn it ultimately is up to the child. We can try to force them to learn a certain skill, and they may learn it, but not to the extent we want them to. If we respect the child’s unique learning timeline, learning is faster and deeper.

Let Your Child Lead

This goes along with the guiding principle above. Let your child lead their way. Look for signs of readiness, use their questions, and let them guide you through their unique learning timeline.

But Don't Give Up All Control

Yes, let your child lead, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up all control. Remember every child has their own unique learning timeline, but what we place in their environment and the experiences we give them is what ultimately shapes that timeline. Provide multiple experiences that are meaningful to the child to engage and motivate them to learn what you want them to learn.
Children want to be just like the adults they’re around. When we have an environment that supports our values our children will follow suit.

Trust the Process

Following your child’s lead and trusting their unique learning timeline can be scary. You may wonder if you’re doing enough or if they’re even learning. Trust that they are. Trust in the process. One day they’re going to surprise you with all they know. And that day is well worth the wait!