This week was a fun week. We got to a lot of our planned activities, which rarely happens. Our big focus was on the color blue this week.

toddler skillsWe started out our week exploring our new mud kitchen. For someone who hates messes, Sicily sure does love this mud kitchen. She spent a lot of time this week making mud and slathering it all over herself. She also dumped an entire cup of mud over her head.

tot-picture-16Sicily cracked me up this week. She is very much into imitating lately. In this picture, she was writing her to-do list just like mommy. Earlier in the week, I had lost my keys. She was following me as I looked for them with her hands on her hips, shrugging her shoulders, and saying “ugh.” It was the cutest thing ever.

tot-picture-17We also did some spooning this week. This was a simple activity to set up. I add blue glass gems to a cup, an empty cup, and a spoon. She immediately saw this new tray and picked up the spoon. But little Miss. Smarty Pants does not have the patience to spoon all of those gems into an empty container. So a spooning activity turned into a filling/dumping activity. She would spoon two spoonfuls and then dump the rest of the bucket into the empty container. We really need to work on patience!

sicilys-heat-and-home7Sicily’s grandmother bought her a chalkboard a few weeks ago, but we haven’t had time to really play with it. I should have brought it out earlier though because she loved drawing on this new board.

sicilys-heat-and-home8I think I ruined baking for Sicily this week. Last Friday, we made some brownies. I wasn’t paying attention and turned the mixer on too fast. Flour went all over the two of us. Sicily immediately climbed down from her tower, marched into the living room, and yelled “Done.”

sicilys-heat-and-home9We also made blue playdough this week. Here’s why I think I ruined baking for Sicily when we made brownies. Sicily was having fun making playdough until I brought out the flour. As soon as she saw it, she climbed down from the tower, ran, and yelled “No.” I had to finish making the playdough myself. She refused to be near me with the flour. Oops! But she loved playing with it after it was all made. I think we made over 20 little balls and flat pancakes.

I’ve hinted at our big surprise a few times on Facebook, but….

sicilys-heat-and-home10Sicily is getting a big brother. She is not too thrilled. After finding out we were having a boy, this was our conversation:

Me: “Do you want a brother?”

Sicily: “No.”

Me: “Do you want a sister?”

Sicily: “No.”

Me:” Do you want a sibling?”


Sorry to break it to you little girl, but your getting a brother in February!

I hope you have a great week. Stop by our Facebook group to share pictures of your week.