This week was full of explorations! We also attempted painting with yellow for the next page of our color book. I tried fingerpaint and painting with a roller brush. Sicily had nothing to do with either activity, so I’m still trying to get a yellow page. Maybe next week!

Tot Picture 1(8)We started the week by exploring our color sensory bottles on the overhead projector. Sicily wasn’t really fascinated in the colors. She rather have moved the light up and down. She loved putting the light on the ceiling or the “sky” as she said.

Tot Picture 1(9)It was really hot this week, so we spent some time outside engrossed in water play. Sicily is really fascinated with transferring and filling/dumping right now. I gave her two buckets of water with empty cups, water bottles, and measuring cups. She spent over an hour transferring and dumping the water. I think I filled up those buckets 5 times.

Tot Picture 1(10)Sicily wanted to get the overhead out again in the middle of the week. This time she spent the majority of the time putting different body parts on the light. She loved making them appear and disappear on the wall. Once she experimented with all her body parts, she moved to her stuffed animals body parts.

Tot Picture 1(11)We ended the week with rice play…in the kitchen…while I was trying to clean! Yup, definitely not a smart idea! I literally had inches of rice laying on the floor which added to my cleaning.

Tot Picture 1(12)After nap, we got smart and took the rice outside. As you can see, Sicily loved throwing the rice everywhere. She also used tablespoons to fill a muffin tin with the rice.

Well that was out week. We spent a lot of time exploring, working on colors, and fine motor skills. I’m excited to see where next week leads. Hopefully she will paint her yellow page!

Your Turn: What did you do this week?

Happy Playing!