Being a new work at home mom, I have quickly realized that there is just not enough time in the day. I’ve read article after article telling me how to find more time, but it’s still hiding from me. Time just doesn’t know how to play this hide and seek game. Since I can’t find more time to add to my day, I’ve been playing around with ways to get more done in the amount of time I do have. Without further ado, here is how I get more done in a day.


If you are like me, you go from one task to the next without fully completing each one. I have many projects that I have started, but never finished. My brain is constantly thinking of new ideas before i can act on the ones I already have. I have to plan ahead. I have my lists and my planner to help me.

I love my At a Glance monthly planner/appointment book. I start the month out by writing down my appointments and deadlines on the monthly calendar. I write any post ideas for the blog in the sidebar. I need to have things neat or I feel overwhelmed, so I write everything down in different places. This helps me feel more in control. By starting out writing my appointments and deadlines for the month, I can see where the month is headed and plan accordingly.


At the beginning of every week, I transfer my monthly calendar to my weekly calendar. Now I can just focus on this week. I do not write down EVERYTHING that needs to be done on this page, or I will be overwhelmed. I just write down appointments, deadlines, and social engagements in my planner. The reason I love this planner so much is for the weekly calendar. It is separated by times, so I can write down specific appointments at the right time. It looks empty which helps me feel more relaxed and in control when I look at what’s up this week. If what I need to write down isn’t a specific appointment, I put a star at the top of the page. For appointments, I write that in the correct time slot. This page helps me see everything in one look without it all clumped together in a small box.

planner 2

Now I get down to the specifics with a monthly, weekly, and daily to do list.



Sometimes if I have a lot to do I will separate my daily to do list into the times I know I have throughout the day. This helps me know what needs to be accomplished during that “break.” If I know something specific has to be done at a certain time, I am more likely to get it done. If I don’t plan out each break, then I could spend it doing 20 things and never finish a single one.

daily to dos

I think I work harder as a work at home mom than a work away from home mom. It’s more important to stay organized and plan out my days being at home. If I didn’t plan, nothing would get done.

Your Turn:

How do you stay on top of everything as a work from home mom?

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