orange toddler themeOverview: Orange is one of the last colors Sicily needs to learn. Check out the activities we did during our orange toddler theme.

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We finished up The Young Toddler section of The Toddler Experience Curriculum this week with a heart and orange toddler theme. Sicily (22 months) knows her heart shape very well, so we focused on orange the past two weeks.

We started off by reading Orange by Sarah L. Schuette and looking around the room to find orange things. Then we made an orange sensory bottle by adding water and orange food coloring to a water bottle. We use these on our light table and overhead projector. Sicily likes to line them up on the overhead and point out each color.

orange toddler theme

The next day we made orange playdough with our cooked playdough recipe. Sicily loves helping me mix the playdough before we cook it. Through out the week, I laid out the orange playdough along with heart cookie cutters. Sicily spent the majority of the week making playdough balls and pretzels.

orange toddler theme

We spent some time doing open-ended painting with orange. We ended up putting this piece on our color wall.

Each month, we paint with the color of the month then hung it on the wall. Sicily likes to point to each one and name all the colors we have learned so far.

She loves painting, but most of the paint ends up on her hands. Every time I ask her if she wants to paint, she says “hand.”

orange toddler themeThis picture doesn’t really show what Sicily is doing. We cut out a heart from contact paper and laid the sticky side up.

She put orange tissue paper on the heart to make a sun catcher. When she was finished, I covered the sticky side with another piece of contact paper. Then we hung it on the window.

Sicily loves doing art, but she also likes to find the fastest way to do something. She put a few pieces on one by one then decided to dump the entire basket of tissue paper onto the contact paper.

orange toddler themeThis is just a few of the learning activities in The Toddler Experience Curriculum for the heart and orange toddler theme. Be sure to check the Toddler Themes page every few weeks to see what we are learning about.

This curriculum is split into 3 sections: The Young Toddler, The Letter Themes, and The Extra Themes. Now that we are finished with The Young Toddler, we get to choose between The Letter Themes and The Extra Themes to find activities that will meet Sicily’s current interests.

Download a free sample theme from The Letter Theme section by clicking the image below.

Happy Learning!