nature-faces-emtionsDuring our All About Me Theme we read My Many Colored Days and talked about all the different emotions we could have.

We then spent some time making faces in the mirror and talking about the emotions behind those faces. I asked Sicily what she thought we could find outside to help us make a face.

She came up with sticks, leaves, and rocks, so we headed outside on a search for these things. We ended up with a lot of flowers, sticks, and acorn hats.


Once we came inside I laid out everything we found along with some nature items I had stored away. So we ended up with rocks, wood cookies, leaves, flowers, feathers, and seashells. I also added a mirror and a large wood cookie as the base of our face.

Sicily noticed the invitation right way and came over. We spent more time making faces in the mirror. Then I asked her if she could make a face using the things on the table.


She started by laying down rocks and said “Eyes, Ma!”

She looked in the mirror and I asked her what else was on a face. She pointed to her nose then picked up a rock.

She kept looking at her nature face trying to figure out where the nose should go. She looked at me and said “Go Mom?”

We looked back in the mirror and I pointed to her nose. I said “Your nose is under your eyes.”

Well toddlers being as literal as they are, Sicily picked up one of her eye rocks and placed her nose rock literally under it.

After a few laughs, we looked back in the mirror again. I asked her, “Does that look right?” She replied with “No” and a little laugh then moved the nose in the correct place.

She continued to add rocks and shells for her mouth. To finish it off, she added a leaf for the hair.


For older children, you can encourage them to make different faces showing different emotions and talk about why they designed their face the way they did.

During this activity, your child will learn about emotions, positional words, and paying attention to detail. This activity leads into creativity, imagination, and exploration.

Happy Playing!