name-recognition-letter-sortSicily knows that her name starts with the letter S. But she also thinks Sea, Sandwich, and Seal mean Sicily too!

We have been working hard the past few weeks learning the other letters in her name in hopes that she will begin looking at the whole word instead of the first letter of her name.

One activity that we do often is a name letter sort.

I start by writing each letter of her name on a different piece of construction paper. Then I lay that out.

Next, I write each letter multiple times on plain dot stickers.


When she notices the invitation, I sit down with her and go over each letter. I say the letter, a word that starts with that letter and sound. So something like “I…igloo…/i/” Then we trace each letter with our finger.

The last step is to let her explore the rest on her own. She takes the stickers off the paper, which is good fine motor practice too! Then matches each letter to the letter on the construction paper.


The first time we did this, she lasted through one sticker sheet then the rest of the stickers ended up all over her, me, and brother. She was still getting letter recognition though. As she handed us each sticker she would say “Ma gets S” and “Brother Kade Y.”

A little pro tip: Stickers can be tricky for little fingers. I taught Sicily how to fold the paper to get the sticker to stick up a bit before pulling it off. Works almost every time!

Happy Learning!