My-Many-Colored-DaysOverview: During our All About Me Toddler Theme, we spent a whole day learning about feelings through the book My Many Colored Days by Dr. Seuss.

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During our All About Me theme, we spent a day exploring the book My Many Colored Days by Dr. Seuss. Sicily seemed to enjoy this book and asked to read it a few times.

She has been having a lot of big feelings lately, so we talked about how we are feeling during our morning meeting every day. Since reading this book she now associates her feelings with a color.

She loves pink, so most days she is having a “pink flamingo day.”

We started our My Many Colored Days day by reading the book during morning meeting. As we read, we made faces to match the different feelings.

Before heading down to our learning area, we made a few sensory bottles to add to our calm down basket. We just added water, food coloring, and glitter. Sicily helped with pouring the water and adding the food coloring. I hot glued the lids on to make sure they didn’t leak.


Once we got dressed, I handed Sicily a bucket. I told her we were going to go exploring in the backyard to find things we could use to make a face. I asked her what she thought we should collect. She said rocks and flowers, so we set out to find some. We ended up with rocks, flowers, sticks, and leaves.


When we came back inside, I set up an invitation to create a face. Sicily really enjoyed this activity.

The best part was when she couldn’t figure out where to put the nose. I said “The nose goes under the eyes.”

Being literal like most 2 year olds are, she picked up the rock she had down for an eye and literally placed her nose rock under it. Win for positional words!


After I let her free play for a while, I cleaned up the face invitation and set out a painting invitation. I knew she would notice it right away, so I was prepared to start the activity quickly.

We talked about how angry feelings and super happy feelings make us feel like we are running really fast, and sad feelings make us move slow. So we practiced this with fingerpaint.

I laid out paint and paper then turned on some classical music. As we listened, we painted to the sound. For fast music, we painted fast. When the music got slow, we painted slow.

Eventually the activity turned into drawing shapes and lines in the paint.


Overall, Sicily really enjoyed our literacy connection day around My Many Colored Days. You can find full planned our literacy connection days like this in The Toddler Experience Curriculum.

Happy Playing!