Overview: Mother’s Day is right around the corner. I’m super excited for this year because we can plan Mother’s Day books and activities. This will be my second Mother’s Day with my little one.

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Technically this is my third, but I was pregnant for my first Mother’s Day. It was actually the day we announced to our families that we were pregnant. Here’s the proud Grammy!

Mother's Day

Today I wanted to share a list of my favorite Mother’s Day books and activities to go with them. Happy Mother’s Day Beautiful Mamas!

Are You My Mother? By P.D. Eastman

mother's day book and activities

Are You My Mother? was my favorite book growing up. It’s not too long, so it’s great for Toddlers and Preschoolers alike.

Are You My Mommy? By Joyce Wan

mother's day books and activities

This is a cute board book for babies and toddlers. A baby bunny looses her mommy. As she hunts for her mommy she learns who each baby animal belongs to.

Activity: These books are similar, so I chose to do the same activity for each, the Mommy and Baby matching activity.

Hooray for Mom! By Samantha Brooke

mother's day activities and books

Hooray for Mom! is a Clifford’s Puppy Days book. Emily Elizabeth struggles with finding a gift for her mother on Mother’s Day. She ends up making a scrapbook with pictures of her and her mom.

Materials: Construction paper or scrapbook paper, ribbon, crayons, markers, paint, glitter, sequence, stickers, glue, Mother’s Day appropriate picture

Directions: Lay out the materials and let the little one create. When finished, glue a picture in the middle of the page for mom.

What Moms Can’t Do By Douglas Wood

mother's day activities and books

What Moms Can’t Do is the cutest book about moms. It’s a great spin on the mommy struggles told from dinosaurs.

Activity: On a card, write Happy Mother’s Day on the front. On the inside, write Mom you can’t…. Then on the other side write Mom you are the best at… Have you little one draw or paint a picture for each page. Dictate what they drew on the card. Decorate the front of the card with lots of colors, glitter, and confetti.

The Biggest Kiss By Joanna Walsh and Judi Abbot

mother's day books and activities

Can you say adorable? A baby penguin talks about all the different kisses he has gotten, but at the end he reveals that the best kiss is from his mom.

Materials: Construction paper, jar, Hershey Kisses, scissors, Mod Podge, crayons

Directions: Fold the paper in half and trace the child’s hand making sure the pointer and thumb finger touch the folded edge. When you cut the hand print out, DO NOT cut the pointer and thumb. Open and cut the center heart out. Have the child decorate their hands. You could write a message on it or have the child sign it too. Mod podge the hands onto a glass jar and fill the jar with Hershey Kisses.

Mother’s Day By Anne Rockwell

mother's day books and activities

I love how this book gives us a a peek into how other families celebrate Mother’s Day. At the end, the teacher’s mother comes to make a Mother’s Day craft with the kids. We will make the flowers from this book for our activity.

Materials: Tissues paper, glue, green construction paper, green pipe cleaner,button

Directions: To prepare, cut small green circles and leaf shapes from the construction paper and ovals from the tissue paper. Glue the tissue paper ovals onto the green circle and add the button in the middle. Last, glue the leaves onto the pipe cleaner and the pipe cleaner onto the small circle.

My Mother’s Voice By Joanne Ryder

mother's day books and activities

A comforting story about how a little girl associates her mother’s voice with feeling comforted. I’m a BIG believer in process art, so this project is all about creativity.

Materials: Painting paper or a canvas, masking tape, paint brush (or other painting materials), paint, loose parts (stickers, buttons, glitter, sequence)

Directions: On the paper or canvas use the tape to make a message. You could write I Love You Mom or just Love. If you’re handy, you could make a heart. Then let your little one use their own creative spirit with the rest of the materials. Mention that once the painting dries, you will be pulling off the tape to reveal the message. I believe if you are going to “alter” a child’s artwork, you need to let them know before hand and get their okay before proceeding. Once they are finished creating, let it dry and peel the tape off.

Happy Creating!

For the older kids, here are two I Can Read Mother’s Day Books.

Katie’s Happy Mother’s Day By Fran Manushkin

mother's day activities and crafts

Mother’s Day Mess By Karen Gray Ruelle

mother's day books and activities

I hope you enjoy these Mother’s Day books and activities. I would love to see what your little ones created. Have a wonderful Mother’s Day! You are an amazing, beautiful mama!