mirror-painting-process-artWho said you had to always paint on paper?

I love giving Sicily different surfaces to paint on. So for our All About Me Toddler Theme, we painted on a mirror.

As always, Sicily picked light pink and dark pink as her colors to paint with on this day.

We spent a few minutes looking at ourselves in the mirror. We pointed out different body parts and made silly faces at each other.

Then I handed Sicily the paint and let her create. She loved painting the mirror.


She kept playing peek-a-boo with herself around the paint.

When she finished, I asked her to tell me about her painting. She usually tells me what she painted or the colors she used. This time she just laughed and said “Peek-a-boo!”


I think I will bring this activity out again in the fall when the leaves start to change colors. I’m going to lay the mirror on the porch facing up, so you can see the leaves in the mirror. I’ll lay out fall colors and see what she creates in the mirror for fall.

Painting the mirror hones skills for creativity, imagination, perspective, and where things are in the world. It can also help teach different concepts like body parts or about the fall leaves.

We use mirrors a lot in our Tot School. Kade likes exploring in mirrors. We also use them in some of our invitations to explore.

Happy Playing!