love-readingYou cannot walk into my house more than 2 feet without stepping on a book. Sicily’s new thing is to stack all the books she can find on my lap, add herself to the pile, and ask me to “eed” (read). She would be perfectly content to sit like this all day and read the same books over and over and OVER again! She loves reading!

Yes, reading the same things over again can get boring for me, but I really want to build that love of reading for my daughter. I believe that children can’t really learn how to read without first having a strong love for reading. It must be enjoyable before it can be learned.

Today I’m over at Motherly Adventures talking about how I help Sicily develop her love of reading. I’m giving you tips on cherishing that love and how to celebrate books in your home. Click on the link above to check it out!

Much Love,