Overview: Spend time exploring light with this DIY Light Table.

Light is a fascinating object to little ones, and it’s all around them to explore. We use light every day. Providing opportunities to explore objects with different lights is a great way to build on exploration skills. We use an overhead projector, the sun, a window, and our DIY light table to explore with light.

This light table was super simple and cheap to make. Most of the materials I already had in my basement. I just needed to go purchase a tub. The tub I bought has handles that close. I thought it would hold tighter with a cord hanging out of it.

I gathered the tub, white tissue paper, tape, and white Christmas lights. It took me about 8 minutes to put this thing together.

First you tape the tissue paper on all sides and the top of the container.

light table

I folded the tissue paper in half for two layers for the sides, so the majority of the light would shine through the top. I added a single layer of the tissue paper to the inside of the lid.

The next step is to lay the Christmas lights inside, close the lid, and turn it on.

That’s it! The more lights you use, the better the light table will be. Sicily likes exploring x-rays, colored sensory bottles, and glass gems on her light table.

light table

Happy Playing!