learning-lettersWhat does a letters mess, and a bit of creativity have in common?

The best way to learn letters!

Letters are all around us, but they are not the most important thing to learn when it comes to literacy. It’s actually the sound.

Think about it…

Do you use the letter name when reading? No, you use the sound.

When I teach letters, I always start in toddlerhood by exposing my toddler to the letters and sounds. I’ll point them out on road signs, on toys, and leave letters lay out to explore.

When I name a letter I always use this three part statement… A/ apple/ aaaa. And I make sure I emphasize the sound because that’s what’s important.

One of our favorite ways to learn and be exposed to letters is through process art.

Children thrive on creativity. Those cute letter crafts, you know the ones that look like animals or common objects, have no real purpose other than learning the letter.

Process art exposes your child to the letter, but also creativity, imagination, and a wide variety of fine and gross motor skills.

When creating our letters, I encourage Sicily to say the sound as she makes an action. When we did snakes on the letter S, she made the S sound as the yarn slithered around the paper. For T, we pretended the truck was having issues. We made the truck stop and go and jolt while saying t…t…t.

Letter Process Art Ideas

A- Acorn Roller Painting

B- Gluing Buttons

C- Car Tracks Painting

D- Dot Stampers

E- Gluing Googly Eyes/ Easter Egg Stamping

F- Feather Painting or Gluing

G-Gluing Easter Grass

H- Halloween Stickers


I- Ice Painting

J- Frog Jump Painting

K- Kool-Aid Painting

L- Lego Stamping

M- Marble Painting

N- Painting with Necklaces

O- Orange Painting with Oranges

P- Pompom Painting or Gluing

Q- Painting with Quarters

R- Painting with Rocks

S- Snake Painting (use plastic animals or yarn)

T- Truck Tracks Painting

U- Painting with Utensils

V- Valentine Stickers

W- Watercolor Painting

X- X-ray (glue cotton swabs)

Y- Yarn Painting

Z- Zoo Animal Foot Prints


The important thing to remember when teaching letters is to wait until your child is ready. Process art is a fun way to expose your child to letters and build an interest. But don’t formally teach the letters until they show signs of readiness, like asking what every letter they see is.

Happy Learning!

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