kitchen-discovery-basketI don’t know about you, but one of my most favorite childhood memories is playing music with my mom’s pots and pans. I think it’s a childhood initiation thing! Every child at some point has banged on a pot.

We didn’t bang on any pots, but I did create a discovery basket for Kade (7 months). I took my colander and filled it with any safe kitchen utensils I had in the drawer.

I added a brush, spatula, mixer, whisk, and a few spoons. I sat it in front of him and let him explore.


It didn’t take him long to start picking things out of the basket. He started with the whisk and moved onto the brush.

I loved watching him with the brush. He mouthed the whole thing starting with the handle. As soon as the brushes hit his mouth, he made the most awful face.


Eventually, he realized he could bang the utensils on the colander to make a loud sound. He really enjoyed that! Kade loves being super loud.

Sicily joined in too! It was a great sharing experience for her. She had to be patient while brother played with the tools she wanted to use.


Being the mother hen she is, she immediately used the kitchen utensils for what they were made for. She pulled each one out and asked “What’s this?”

I would explain what it is and how to use it. She pretended to whisk and flip pancakes.


Kade spent nearly 20 minutes exploring each object in the basket. During this activity he was learning about different textures, sensory processing, and even vocabulary.

Happy Playing!