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I scared my daughter for life.

When Sicily was a little over a year old, I wanted to start having her help me in the kitchen. The first day, we made brownies. Everything was great. Sicily enjoyed dumping all the ingredients into the mixer.

When I went to turn it on, my hand slipped and the power went on full speed.

Flour flung out of the bowl all over the kitchen…and Sicily. I’ve never seen her little legs move faster than I did that day.

She sprung down off her learning tower and flew to the couch yelling “Mess! Mess! Mess!.”

It took her 6 months to help me in the kitchen again. Before any cooking she always asks “Mess, Ma?”

And if the mixer is out, she will pour in the ingredients then rush to the couch before I turn it on.

Despite a disastrous start to our cooking memories, Sicily loves helping in the kitchen. Here are some of our favorite cooking tools.

1. Crinkle Cutter

We love this crinkle cutter. This is what we use to cut veggies.

2. Pitcher

This child size pitcher is perfect for Tot Tray activities. Or leave it out for your little one to pour his own drink.

3. Hand Mixer

Some times mixing by hand with a whisk isn’t feasible for a child. And it’s more fun to actually do the mixing instead of the mixer doing it. That’s why we use this manual hand mixer. This is perfect for developing gross motor muscles in the arm.

4. Kids in the Kitchen by Amanda Grant

This book provides over 50 recipes that match your child’s age and ability level.

5. Kids in the Kitchen by Sara E. Conter

This is another great Kids in the Kitchen book. This one is specific to Montessori.

4. Tongs

Tongs are great for moving and flipping food in the kitchen. But they are also great for fine motor games too.

5. Mini Slotted Spoon

This mini slotted spoon is perfect for little hands when trying to get veggies or noodles out of the pot.

6. Mini Spatula

These mini spatulas are great for stirring, mixing, and getting ingredients out of containers.

 7. Vegetable Peeler

Teach your little one how to peel veggies with this small size vegetable peeler.

8. Mini Cheese Grater

It’s convenient to buy the cheese alreadygrated, but when little ones are in the kitchen let them do the grating. This little cheese grater is perfect for little hands. And another great tool to develop those fine motor skills.

 9. Spreader

These cheese spreaders are perfect for little hands. Use them to spread peanut butter, jelly, and icing.

 10. Nylon Knives

These nylon knives are made with little chefs in mind. They are safe and easy to use.

Happy Cooking!

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