invitation to create snowman
Overview: During our winter toddler theme we spent a day learning about snowmen. After reading a cute book about snowmen, I set out this invitation to create a snowman.

In January, Sicily and I spent some time learning all about snowmen during our winter toddler theme. I was so excited to teach a winter theme this year because Sicily seemed very interested in the snow. Last year was a disaster when it came to the snow. She refused to play in it, and to make matters worse she fell face first into the snow when I was trying to take her “First Snow” picture.

We started our snowman day by reading Snowman’s Big Job by Janet Kusmierski. This is a cute story that shows a snowman dressed up as different community helpers. It’s perfect for toddlers, and helps them learn how to count to three.

I like to set up invitations the night before and let Sicily discover them on her own, so after reading the book I told her she could go play. It didn’t take her long to discover the invitation, so she sat down and began exploring the materials. I pulled out the book and we looked at a few snowmen. I told her I was going to use these things to make my own snowman, so I started to create one using the materials in the invitation.

Normally, I wouldn’t do this, but it was Sicily’s first invitation to create where I had a purpose behind the invitation. My goal for the invitation was to encourage her to create a snowman, so I modeled how I used the book for inspiration and created a snowman using the pieces. However, I would have been okay with her creating her own thing. I don’t want to squash her creativity when she has her own ideas. I want to keep it child-led.

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Invitation to Create a Snowman


  1. Glue
  2. Construction Paper
  3. Buttons
  4. Pictures or Book of Snowmen (optional)

invitations to create a snowmanDirections:

The night before I cut out long brown rectangles to use as sticks, different size white circles, and different hat shapes. I placed each in a different section of a sectioned tray along with buttons. I love using the sectioned trays to keep everything separate and organized. I also added glue, crayons, blue and black paper to make the snowman on, and the snowman book we read.

Once Sicily felt ready to create her own snowman, she started spreading glue all over her paper. I had her use a glue stick for the paper pieces. She thinks the glue stick is like a pencil and “scribbles”with it. She can’t grasp the concept that it makes the paper sticky and you need to place something on top of it. I pulled out the liquid glue for the buttons. I asked her where she wanted the buttons and I put a dot of glue on her paper. This is what her first snowman looked like. You can see the scribbles of glue!

snowman invitationShe enjoyed this invitation so much that she asked to make another one immediately after she finished her first. This time she choose to put the snowman on blue paper.

snowman invitationI did learn a big lesson with this activity. I have purple glue sticks, which shows up purple even after it dries. For a toddler that doesn’t really know how to use glue yet, I need to buy white glue sticks. Sicily was getting quite mad at the purple on her paper and asking for a different color.

Happy Creating!