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Today, I want to introduce you to one of our curriculum mama’s, Lacie.

School time for Lacie use to be her surfing Pinterest all day looking for age appropriate activities to do with her 20 month old.

She didn’t have a lot of experience with babies and toddlers, so she had no clue what to do with her son all day.

Gunny, her son, didn’t really seem to care about textures, colors, or crafts; he just wanted to play. Lacie realized that he is very advanced in his gross and fine motor skills; he can run, jump, skip, hop, climb anything, put beads on a string, bring food to his mouth, and twist on/off lids WAY better than kids his own age.

He also figured out how to remove the outlet covers, the toilet lock, and the baby gates very early on as well. And his LEGO building skills are amazing!

All of this, but he could only say about 10 words.

During his 18 month checkup, Lacie brought up her concerns with his doctor, who sent him to get tested through the state for a developmental delay.

After his assessment, they told Lacie that he is very advanced in his motor skills and problem solving, normal for social, and a little behind in expressive and receptive language.

toddler-speech-delayShe went home hopeful that he would eventually catch up to his peers and resumed life as before with small changes to encourage his development in his weaker areas.

Lacie began to constantly narrate everything she did. She took him out to experience new things more often. She bought more stimulating toys, and restarted using sign language so he would hopefully pick it up and have a way to express himself.

Sadly, nothing Lacie did was working. It was like that area of his brain was on ‘hold’. She then asked her fellow teacher-mom-friend for advice, and she introduced Lacie to The Toddler Experience Curriculum.

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Her son, which was only 1 month younger than Lacie’s son, was WAY more advanced in his verbal expression and receptive areas. When her son pointed to the color yellow and said “yellow”, Lacie realized that her son maybe could benefit from the program as well.

Given that Lacie’s son doesn’t really like to sit still, she didn’t know how it would go. Lacie had seen a lot of programs out there and most of them seemed too concept based instead of experience based.

She finally realized that investing in The Toddler Experience would not only guide her with activities, but it would also save her time!

Lacie specifically chose to do The Toddler Experience because Gunny is a very physical boy. This curriculum incorporates learning through experience and doing rather than a more traditional sedentary approach to learning. So she was in!

Lacie decided that even though Gunny was 2 months shy of 2 years old, she would start with the The Young Toddler section of the curriculum even though its recommended for 18 month olds.

She started with red squares, and immediately, he was responsive to the red discovery basket. Lacie was encouraged after this!

She soon realized that some activities were much more stimulating for him than others.

toddler-speech-delayHe doesn’t like sorting, matching, or identifying most likely because his body needs to always move.He prefers the activities that involve ‘doing’.

Spooning pompoms, colored rice/noodle transfer, crayons, watercolors, pipe cleaner activities, and water pouring activities are some of his favorite.

The Toddler Experience has taught Lacie more about her son, and the kind of learner he is growing into. She now knows the kinds of things he does/doesn’t like to do now.

She also knows which activities will ‘open his mind’ and make him more receptive to what she is trying to teach him. Lacie now knows that he is very analytical and likes to figure out how things work, is extremely strong-willed, and has the ability to hyper focus, just like her.

Soon after starting the curriculum, Gunny started speaking more. He has developed more words, but mainly he has started ‘jibber-jabbering’ more.

He is constantly talking to himself or anyone around. Lacie also hears new sounds in his nonsense talk.
His receptive language has gotten dramatically better.He knows what they are saying now when they talk to him or ask him to do something. You can see that he understands some of what they are saying now too!

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The flow of Lacie’s days have improved dramatically. She is not just floating from one random activity to another. Gunny loves to color and draw since starting the program.

He is holding the pencils and crayons better than before, and his hand-eye coordination has improved dramatically! The introduction to new activities has also led him to become more open to new experiences.

Lacie loves that it’s a child-led program, and there is no pressure to perform at such a young age. It’s all about exposure for them.

It’s super simple to plan too! Every other week, Lacie sits down with the curriculum and writes out a list of all the activities on the planner provided.

If the lessons require cutting out stuff or any set up, like dying rice, she tries to do all of that on one day then organize it, so when she goes to get it she’s not scrambling to find everything.

Any of the activities that he particularly likes, she will store in a bag in the kitchen for easy access when he is being restless.

Lacie tells everyone that The Toddler Experience Curriculum is worth the investment.

“If it’s good for my busy, crazy, active child, it’s good for all littles!” she said.

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Does your toddler have a speech delay? Not sure how to get your toddler to talk? Want to supercharge your toddler's language development? Check out how this mom got her son's speech to drastically improve. #toddler #toddleractivities #totschool #1yearold #2yearold
Does your toddler have a speech delay? Not sure how to get your toddler to talk? Want to supercharge your toddler's language development? Check out how this mom got her son's speech to drastically improve. #toddler #toddleractivities #totschool #1yearold #2yearold
Does your toddler have a speech delay? Not sure how to get your toddler to talk? Want to supercharge your toddler's language development? Check out how this mom got her son's speech to drastically improve. #toddler #toddleractivities #totschool #1yearold #2yearold

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